Friday, September 30, 2011

Kinky Twist Extensions!!!

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Hey all,

So, today I had a client come over to get her hair protective styled with Kinky Twist Extensions.  She is transitioning to natural (not interested in doing a BC), and she loves to wear Kinky Twist Extensions as a protective style.  She's been in them for about a year now.

When she came, she had her own hair in, I took those down:

I then sprayed it with water to see where the relaxed hair ends and the natural hair begins:

 I then did a length check...
Where the natural hair ended:

 And another one where the relaxed hair ended:

 Her natural texture on the side:

I then started adding the extensions!!

What I used:

Vienna Hair Collection B. Marley Pony 19" (Four bags: (2) #4 and (2) #T1B/30)
Prostyle Gel

I mixed the hair colors up to make it POP more!! :)


She will keep this style for about 5 months, with me redoing the front and the ones that slip ever so often.  Isn't it a nice style!?!?!? One of my favorite protective styles with extensions! :)

To keep this style up, she will make sure to spray her conditioner/oil mix on her scalp everyday to keep it moist and she will make SURE to cover it up every night to keep the twists from frizzing up, putting a little gel on them to keep them fresh looking! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this blog... I enjoyed doing it for you (AND showing you the awesome twists that I did on her!!)


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Thursday, September 29, 2011


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Hey all,

So... BB was given a BEAUTIFUL Faux Hawk Style a couple of weeks ago...

Then, last week, we REVAMPED that GORGEOUS FAUX HAWK for another week...

NOW... Yes, we have REVAMPED the REVAMPED style!! :) BB wanted to give herself a nice hair cleansing..

So, she used VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Shampoo -- Kiwi Lime Squeeze w/Lemongrass Extract to shampoo, and gave herself a Deep Conditioning treatment with VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Conditioner -- Kiwi Lime Squeeze w/Lemongrass Extract and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  She covered her hair with a plastic bag and left it on for about an hour... She then rinsed it all out, and came to me for styling. 

Yes, she did all this with her hair STILL in her hairstyle.  Some of her rubber bands popped (taking away a few of the flat twists)...So, I cornrowed those areas...changing the style up a little bit...I also greased her scalp with BLUE MAGIC CONDITIONING HAIR DRESS (Mmmmm! Shout out to NO LICE!!!), and put gave her a nice scalp massage to get it all in there!


See the addition of the cornrows?? I also gave her a nice big cornrow to connect all the loose hair on that side. 

Those flat twists (that are still left) look great huh?? Going on three weeks in??? That's some good hair care right there!

The front (with the addition of the cornrow)...

The right side... Added a cornrow at the bottom... Flat twists are from 2 weeks ago. 

The addition of the BIG cornrow on the side that sweeps up into the ponytail.
The back... With my special rose I love at the top!

You all KNOW I love my rose!! :) 
 Before bed, I twisted the ponytail so that it wouldn't get tangled:

And BB, once again... Was a happy camper!

Happy Happy...

Joy Joy!!!
This took me about 20 minutes to do all together and it's holding up very nicely!! :)

I love revamped styles, and I hope you were able to get some inspiration from this one! :)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Char's DC Treatment AND Mini Twists (AGAIN!?!?!) Again...

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Hey all,

So, before I get started with the meat of the potato on this post, I have to say... I thought I'd NEVER do Mini Twists on my hair again... Why?!?!? Well, I left them in for a month last time, and they were trying to loc up on me... What I didn't do was rinse it each week (as I said I would...SMH) and give myself a nice co-wash mid month (again... not following my own advice)... So, this time, I'll actually do that, and log my results... HERE ON MY BLOG! :)

Moving on...

So, I gave myself a DC... This time, I did it with my hair in twists.  During my last DC treatment, I did it with my hair loose, and It took a VERY long time to get through my hair!! I was surprised how long it had grown, and how long it took to get through it... So, I decided to switch it up and see how it worked out!!

Products I used:

Proclaim Cholesterol Conditioner With Aloe Enhancer
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Store Brand From Ralph's Grocery Store)
Proclaim Natural 7 Oil
Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Oil Sheen 

I rinsed my hair first:

Rinsed Twists:

Look at all that good, healthy hair! :) 
All that good growth!!! :~D

I then applied my mixture: (I put the mixture of oils in an old bottle and I poured it in my hand and rubbed it in my hair...

What a great concoction this is!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!

My DC TREATMENT is all good and in there!! LENGTH CHECK!!!

My specialty DC bag!! :) 
Then, I actually took a nap!! I covered my head with my satin bonnet and a satin pillowcase so that I could sleep peacefully and w/out incident...(Didn't want all that DC goodness on my bed sheets and pillows):

Shout out to BB for waiting for me do doze off to take this!! :) Don't laugh at me y'all!
I slept for about two hours (*yawn*) and got back to business!

I rinsed out the DC treatment:

Look at all that new growth in one month!! :) Thank ya!!

Then, I got to retwisting them SMALLER!! I took them out in sections and did them in nice SMALL twists... Whew... Took about 2 1/2 hours!! :)


CC: Mommy, I remember you saying you didn't want mini twists anymore, because they were too small and took forever to take out... And here you are, doing them again... 

Products I used:

Proclaim Emerald Bergamot Hair & Scalp Conditioner
Prostyle Gel


I <3 how it brings out my natural curls!

All that good white filmy goodness!! HAHA!

The film is slowly melting off...  Mmmm... Texture!!!

Halfway Done!!

Yaaaaaay! :) 
Next side:

And the finished product:

Shrinkage... Look at that that good shrinkage!! :) 

And done!!

I really enjoy my twists!!! And, I'm going to do better with these mini twists this time... I'm in month FOUR of my twist challenge and I have EIGHT more months to go!! Let's go!! :)

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