Thursday, June 30, 2011

My First Braid Out...

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Hey all,

Okay... This post is late... However, in going over my blog entries, I stated (a while ago) that I would show you pictures of my braid out... GOOD OR BAD... Well, here goes:

As you can see, I LOVED it!! (to see the way I braided it in order to do this style, please check out my blog entry:

I couldn't believe it came out so awesome!! I'm a NEW FAN of Braid Outs and the bounce that it gave my hair!!! TRY IT FOLKS!!!

Thanks for the love and support I get on this blog!! Remember to spread the word about my blog!! Tell your friends, loved ones, etc!!

If you have questions, comments... Don't hesitate to let me know!! I'm here for ya!! :)

Keep Watching,


Sunday, June 26, 2011


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Hey all,
So, yesterday I was SUPER excited to get my scarf/turban style together for today (I was gonna rock it like NO OTHER at church today) -- So, I got to putting in a special concoction of loveliness that I made for my hair, twisted it all up, put my trusty roller in it, covered it up and was READY for Sunday...
My good new conditioner mix!! <3 it!
All twisted and rolled!! :)

Good ole PROSTYLE (MY FAV) on my sides!!!


Covered and ready for the morn! :)

Sooooooooo... I wake up... EXTREMELY TIRED because I didn't really sleep well, but I was SOOOOOO excited for the "BIG REVEAL"!! -- HAHA... So, I get to putting it all together...

The roller didn't quite HOLD like I would have liked it... I need to invest in some perm rods... But, I LOVE the definition of the curl!!! #WINNING in the hair product department!!

Okay... A nice tuck w/a bobby pin to give it the SWOOP look... I'm digging it...

Still messing with my bang... Uh oh...

What the?? What is this mess?!?!?! SMH....

AWWWWWWWWW NAW!! This ain't gonna work for a sista!!!!
LUCKILY, I had a PLAN B!!! Underneath that good scarf is my twists w/rollers on the end to match the front... Why?? Well, simple... You live and you learn!! You should always have a back up plan when trying a new style!! :)

Now we're talking!! :~D ALL SMILES!

My sis-bis and I after church!! The wind blowing through my naps!! :) I ain't mad at it!! :)

Yes... I was feeling myself...Getting healthy all around... Losing weight, AND my hair is as healthy as ever!! I'm a happy camper!

YES!! As you can see, my Plan B worked out!! (PRAISE GOD!!!!) I'm so happy about it.

Make sure you ALWAYS have a back up plan... Even if that plan is an afro puff!!! Make accomodations just in case Plan A is a complete and utter failure, like mine was... I am happy about that though... My Twist Out today was AMAZING... Gotta love when the wind blows and EVERYTIME your hair sways, it's beautiful!! NATURAL HAIR ROCKS!!!

Questions?? Comments?? Don't hesitate to ask or let me know!!! Also, don't forget to spread the word about my blog!! :)

Thanks you guys~

Keep watching,