Wednesday, February 29, 2012

(CLOSED) Bunny Hop Giveaway: nuNAAT Hair Care System!!!

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Hey all,

It's HERE!!! :) 

So, it's time for the BUNNY HOP GIVEAWAY!! Ms. Dominique-Alexis over at Natural-Hair-Care-Info is having this amazing GIVEAWAY shindig for her little sister Bunny's 10th birthday party!! You all make sure you go on over there and wish her a happy birthday!! 

I'm so glad that they have allowed me to JOIN in with so many other amazing bloggers and have a giveaway during this fantastic hop. 

What am I giving away!?!? 

YES!!! The lovely folks over at nuNAAT products have decided to give away the ENTIRE Karite Special hair care line:

How exciting is this!?!?!? 

Are you all ready!?!?!? 

Get set....


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(CLOSED) Product Review & Giveaway: Zoobie Pets!!!!

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Hey all,



So, I was given the amazing opportunity to try this awesome Ladybug from Zoobie Pets.  

From the website:

My Review:

The Zoobie Pets Ladybug was VERY soft and extremely plush when we received it. 

Choca instantly gravitated to it, and hugged it nice and close... She said that it was VERY soft and cuddly. 

And again...

So... We took out the blanket that's inside... It's really easy to remove AND to put back.  The blanket is VERY soft and plush as well!! 

This is a great pillow/blanket/pet for people of all ages!!! I highly recommend it to any and ALL of you! :) 

Isn't it gorgeous??? Such a fun accessory as well!!! :)

On a scale of one to five Choca's... with five being the best, I give this product:

This product is what it says it is... It's a great toy, pillow and blanket!! :)

Now... It's time for the GIVEAWAY!!!

Are you ready??? 

Zoobie Pets have decided to give one lucky winner a blanket pet on my blog!!! How awesome of them, right?!?!? 

Soooo... Let's get it underway!!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Hey all,

What a difference two years makes!! :) 
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Flair: Daddy's Pick!

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Hey all...

So, Daddy decided to go shopping about a week ago for some new clothes for Choca... I'm USUALLY the one that gets on a shopping kick and goes hunting for bargains... However, this time... He just went out and got to getting!! :)

So, here is one of the looks HE put together for Miss Choca!!!

*I paired it with a VERY CUTE flower that I won in a giveaway over at Mainly Braids, or what I like to call, "Shay's Place"!!!! :)*

Happy Friday!

YES... Daddy has FANTASTIC taste in clothing too!! :) He was doing the most with this one!! HAHA... :)

I hope you enjoyed this fashion post as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!!! :)

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Product Review: It's Perfectly Natural Healthy Hair Care

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Hey all, 


So, I was given the AWESOME opportunity of reviewing SEVERAL products from Ms. Denise over at It's Perfectly Natural Healthy Hair Care

What the site states:

No Sulfates, No Parabens, Dyes, Whipping Or Harsh Chemicals

At It's Perfectly Natural we try to stay as close to nature as possible so we never use harsh ingredients that will strip your hair of moisture or nutrients. We do not "whip" our products with air during processing so what you get is thick, rich healthy hair products that will help you to cleanse, condition, grow and moisturize your natural hair.

The products I was given to review:

Naturcleanse Shampoo

Lovin' My Coils Deep Conditioner
Turn Me Loose Leave-In
Tea-lightful Hair Quencher
Basil Lemongrass Conditioning Creme

For this review, my hair models are Miss CC & Miss Choca. 

CC decided she wanted to shampoo and condition her hair.  

CC's hair BEFORE the shampoo/condition session.
So, she used the Naturcleanse Shampoo first... She enjoy the way it really engulfed her hair and got all in those curls of hers....and the smell made it even better.  It's really light, but very pleasant. 

She then used the Lovin' My Coils Deep Conditioner.  She put it on her head with a heavy hand, and worked it through her hair.  She enjoyed how she was able to get her fingers through her hair and detangle it without using a comb, because this product helped her in that department.

CC's GORGEOUS curls with the Lovin' My Coils Deep Conditioner.
She kept in on her hair for about 20 minutes, massaging it in and detangling it... She then rinsed it out and this was the texture of her hair after this session:

Gorgeous, right?!?! 
Next, Miss Choca!!

After 5 1/2 weeks with the same twists, I wanted to try these products to see if they would keep her twists looking fresh and NEW... Well, THEY DID!!

First, I used the Turn Me Loose Leave-In to get some good moisture in Choca's twists... It softened her hair and had her curls poppin'... I then sprayed on the Tea-lightful Hair Quencher.  Her hair came ALIVE, okay!?!? The shine, the bounce, the CURLS... Her hair bathed in it and loved every swish of it! :) After applying that, I used about a quarter sized amount of the Basil Lemongrass Conditioning Creme. It's a bit condensed, so I rubbed my hands together to soften it and warm it up a bit.  I then put it on her hair... Can we say GORGEOUS???

Her hair is so shiny, and so curly!!! My goodness!! These products TRULY brought out her curl pattern and renewed her twists!!! I'm sold! :) 

On a scale of one to five Choca's... I give this product:

This product is fantastic.  With light refreshing scents, this product is a delight all the way around!! 

Please check out It's Perfectly Natural Healthy Hair Care on FACEBOOK, like them, and let them know I sent you!! You won't be disappointed!!

Also, don't forget to check out their WEBSITE!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Product Review: Little Miss Fuzzy Head - Happy Hair Fusion

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Hey all,


So, I was given the opportunity by Ms. Miya over at LITTLE MISS FUZZY HEAD to review her product and share my thoughts on my blog.

Ingredients of Little Miss Fuzzy Head - Happy Hair Fusion:

Agave Plant Extract
Natural humectant that draws moisture to hair.

Aloe Vera Plant Extract
Keeps hair strong and healthy and stops hair fall. Contains anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural conditioner that makes hair soft, healthy, strong & shiny.

Provides proteins, vitamins A, D, E and B6, magnesium, copper, iron, amino acids and folic acid, all of which is extremely essential for hair growth and nourishment.

Hemp Seed
Include significant amounts of protein and fatty acids that help dry scalp and hair by increasing the scalp’s capacity to retain moisture.

Jojoba Oil
Consists of therapeutic properties that protect & improve damaged hair by fighting against hair loss. Adds moisture, improves follicle growth.

Olive Oil
Nurtures hair by maintaining a moisture balance that absorbs easily. Rich in vitamin E, moisture & elasticity.

Unrefined Shea Butter
Strengthens roots and untangles hair creating manageability. Prevents dry/itch scalp and breakage.

Vegetable Glycerin
Adds moisture, creating less breakage and formation of split ends.

Virgin Coconut Oil
Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Helps hair retain protein to prevent breakage and hair loss.

Vitamin E
Contains valuable antioxidants thereby improving circulation to the scalp. 

My Review:

As you can see, this is a VERY natural product (WHICH I LOVE!!!) It's also a naturally vegan product... no animal testing, no artificial colors, no mineral oil, no parabens, no perfumes and no petroleum!! Fantastic, right?!!? I also love the texture and smell of this product.  The smell is VERY pleasant and the texture isn't too thick, but holds very well! :) 

So, I decided to use this product on Choca... 

As most of you know, Choca is in week FIVE of her mini two strand twists, and I'm going for another week or two!! :) simply wet her twists down with water, and then applied the Little Miss Fuzzy Head - Happy Hair Fusion to her twists.  This product does take about 10 minutes to really get acquainted with her hair, but it's so worth it... It makes her hair very soft and it smells wonderful!


I then put her hair in a cute style:

10 minutes later, everything has soaked into her hair: 

Her hair loves this product!! It keeps her hair moisturized throughout the day and the shine is amazing!! 

On a scale of one to five Choca's, I give this product:

This product did what it said it would do... It kept her hair from being fuzzy... After FIVE WEEKS, her twists still look amazing, and this product helped to keep it in tact! 

Please make sure you check out this wonderful up and coming company out on Facebook, and on their Website!! Let them know I sent you! :) 

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Wordless Wednesday

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Hey All,

Choca & SOME of her babies...
Keep Watching,


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Product Review: Beautiful Curls

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Hey all...


So, I was blessed to try these ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL Beautiful Curls products for review on my blog!

The products I received are:

All of these products smell wonderful!! The Shea Butter is very present in each product, and makes for a delightful hair cleansing/styling experience. 

Choca was the hair model for this blog post/product!

So, I used the Curl Activating Shampoo on her hair while it was in twists (as always), because that makes it easier for me to go through the detangling process after it's all said and done. Her hair smelled amazing after this process, and it was very soft. It didn't feel stripped or dry.  

I then applied the Leave-In Condtioner to her hair. I massaged it into her hair from root to tip.  It had her curls popping immediately.  They were very pronounced and bouncy.  

I followed that with the Curl Reviving Tonic.  Besides the fact that this product is delicious smelling, it's light and really did Choca's hair a great service.  It kept her curls popping and had her hair HAPPY!!

The Curl Activating Cream was then used in order for me to redo her twists.  With all the products together, her hair was VERY easy to finger detangle (I don't use combs) and re-twist without a problem.

I finished with a quarter-sized amount of Nourishing Curl Oil over the entirety of her hair... The shine was UNBELIEVABLE!!! 

This product is greatness, folks!! Truly!!! 

On a scale of one to five Choca's, this product receives:

I love everything about this product... from the ALL NATURAL products used to make it, to the delicious smell it has!! 

I hope you all enjoy this post!!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Product Review: Hip Peas

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Hey all!!

*~*HIP PEAS*~*

I was given the AWESOME opportunity by Ms. Stephanie over at Hip Peas to try out this product for review.

Hair Balm: 

Hip Peas Hair Balm does it all with no hidden bad stuff: our products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, and sulfates. The berry-licious aroma? Compliments of natural extracts and essential oils. We’re nontoxic and hypoallergenic. All ingredients meet stringent European Cosmetics Directive (EU) and Japanese standards. Plus, Hip Peas supports PETA in the ethical treatment of animals.

But does it really work? Our testers report that Hip Peas Hair Balm holds slicked and spiked boys’ styles through the rigors of kid life. And girls’ braids, ponytails, and barrettes stay in place – even through gymnastics meets! 

Hair Detangler:

Naturally, our lightweight, alcohol-free Hair Detangler lives up to the Hip Peas promise: no parabens, sulfates (SLS), petrochemicals, phthalates, or cruelty to animals. Vitamin E, panthenol, and aloe moisturize petite strands, while silk amino acids seal in moisture and strengthen hair. Our plant-based formula is finished off with natural blueberry extract – for a delicious aroma kids just can’t resist. Combing out those lovely locks just became the best part of the day!

My Review:

Now, both of these products smells AMAZING, folks!! They have a VERY pleasant smell... sweet, but not overpowering!

I decided to use these products on Choca's hair... She had been wearing her twists for about 2 weeks when I tried this product on her. I sprayed on the Hair Detangler first... saturating her hair with it and massaging it though...from root to tip!! It softened her hair up really nicely.  I then put the Hair Balm into her hair (about a quarter-sized amount)...massaging it through thoroughly as well.  It gave her hair an amazing shine and her twists were extra soft. It didn't make her hair hard or stiff.


How cute is that??? Now, this product kept her hair manageable ALL DAY LONG!! It kept her hair moisturized and smelling DELIGHTFUL!!!

On a scale of one to five Choca's, I give this product:

This product is truly amazing.  It does EXACTLY what it says it will do... AND, it's all natural!! How can you beat that?!?!? :) I highly recommend this!!

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