Sunday, July 31, 2011

Choca's Photoshoot of the day in her Vintage Outfit (AND her Two Week Old Twists)

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Hey all,

So, today at church, Choca wanted to walk around the parking lot and just see the sights.  I obliged her request.  I then went to the car, got the camera and began to snap pictures of her.  Today folks... She was really sassy and wanting the camera to truly SEE her, in all her little baby glory!! :)

She is wearing a very cute vintage jean dress ($3.99), a cute scarf as a belt ($.99), her cute black knit cap with a cute little flower (from her hair product arsenol), her hot pink and black zebra leg warmers (from her leg warmer arsenol), and her pink socks/cute shoes (shout out to Payless ShoeSource)

With her hair, I just sprayed some water and Tea Tree Leave In Conditioner on it this morning and adorned it!! :) No harm, no fuss!! :~D

I hope you all enjoy!


She's such a happy baby!


She loves dinosaurs!

Yes, she's learning to read!!

Check out the fierce pose!!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Yes... She loves pockets!!! (I really love this dress!!!)

Givin' the side eye!! :)

Yes... She picked this pose too!! HAHA... She sees the camera, and she strikes the pose.

Runway walk right here!! :)

Choca is posted up, folks!

Smilin' for the camera!! :)
I hope you all enjoy this cute little OOTD blog post!!! I enjoyed taking the pictures of my youngest one!! :)

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Keep Watching,


Monday, July 25, 2011

How I Jazzed Up Choca's Week Old Twists Today/A SHOUT OUT to a few of my favorite bloggers!! :)

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Hey all,

So, Choca has had the same twists for about a week.  I tend to keep them in two weeks, so I wanted to play around with them and change it up a bit...


Last night, I gave her a:
-- nice drenching of water
-- some Tea Tree Leave In Conditioner
-- a little bit of Blue Magic Organics Indian Hemp Hair & Scalp Conditioner
-- a quarter sized amount of Natural 7 oil

I then wrapped her hair in her Du-Rag and she went to bed.  When she woke up, I put a bit of water on her hair and spiced it up with one of my specialty flowers!! (look out for the cute, affordable line... It's taking longer than expected, but GOD is getting it done!)

I then put her in a cute Vintage find of a dress... $.69!!!

Here is the finished look:

How cute is she??? My goodness!! And that flower?? YEP!! :) :) :)

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Mini Twists

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Hey all,

So, I FINALLY did my mini twists!! It took about three hours to do, and I love them...

Products I used:
Proclaim Emerald Bergamot Hair & Scalp Conditioner
TEACOIL (my special mixture)
-  Tea Tree Conditioner
- VO5 Tea Therapy Conditioner
- Natural 7 Oil
- Corn Oil
- Tea Tree Leave In Conditioner
- Water
Red, Black & Green Beads
Perm Rods

So, I basically sprayed my entire head with water first... I then parted my hair and got to twisting... I sprayed my hair with my TEACOIL, greased my scalp with my Emerald Bergamot and got to twisting... After it was all twisted, I put my beads on my braids I put on either side and VOILA... DONE!!! :) - The process took about three hours from beginning to end. 

Pictures: (this section of pictures I took myself, so please excuse the awkwardness of them...)

So, I'm starting... The good ole back!! LOL...

Now we're talking!! :) Getting the look I'm looking for!!!

My beaded sides and my rollers for that extra PIZAZZ on the ends....Yes... I'm tired...

My rollers...

Top shot...

So... The finished product: (I pinned it back on either side w/bobby pins for Church on Sunday... I wanted a little funkiness in the top!!) -- On Monday, I just let it go free!!! I love the VERSATILITY of Natural Hair, folks!

So, there you go... I really am enjoying my mini twists...I roll up my ends every night by just grabbing a bunch of the twists and rolling (lazy perhaps???), and I put my satin bonnet on... No harm, no fuss... I spray it each morning with a bit of water and my TEACOIL.

 I will be making them SMALLER soon and of course posting pictures of that... I was looking at my oldest's mini twists that she did and I was like, "WOW... I'm loving the extra fullness she has... Imma have to do mine smaller!!" -- So, look out for that!!! I plan on doing a video to show how I do them (don't hold me to that though)!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog... If you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to let me know!!!

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