Friday, February 8, 2013


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Hey all!!

Soooooooo... My friend, Ms. Alease Benton and I have decided to giveaway some of our handcrafted goodies to ONE LUCKY FOLLOWER of my blog!!! We are branching out and want ONE OF YOU to enjoy!!

First, Alease is giving away a very pretty pair of earrings!!! They are named "Refill"... beautifully colored with purples, creams and marbled beads, these will definitely have you coming back for more!

AND, I will be giving away one of my specialty crocheted hats... I've named this one "Lavendarling"... gorgeously weaved with Lavendar yarn... with touches of cream and slate gray...

So cute, right??

Please make sure to check out Alease's FB page and please don't forget to holler at MINE as well, dollfaces!! :)
Soooooo... Now, it's time to enter this cute little giveaway!!! Good luck, all!!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Style #2 With Choca's Twisted Faux Hawk...

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Hey all...
So, here is the next style that I came up with for Choca's Twisted Faux Hawk. 
Okay... CC helped me come up with the name... The 'swaddle' has to do with the way the hair is rolled under... it's done the way you would swaddle your baby into a blanket when they are a newborn... (all the Mommies and SOME of the Daddies will understand... LOL!!)
What I did was I used the part that her hair NORMALLY has in this style to use as the parted area. I took one side, rolled it lightly underneath itself and bobby pinned it into place.  I took the other side and did the EXACT same thing.  You can do it as tight or as loose as you'd like (especially if your child's hair is longer or shorter than Choca's).
The results??

So cute, right??? I added the little flower for a tad bit of flair... OR, you can do it without any hair jewelry:

Still just as cute!! It's quite easy and takes all of MAYBE 2 minutes to do...
And, when covering it up at night, all I do is spray it down with a little water and oil, and put a bandana on it...

Easy Peasy!! :)

Style #3 coming soon!!
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