Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Lice Season..BUT NOT IN MY HOUSE!!

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Hey all,

So... Around my area, there is a lice epidemic going on... Many children from my daughters' schools have lice and the nurses are working around the house to get rid of the little buggers!!

A magnified picture of lice... YUCKEROONI!

Nooooooow... Lice?!?!? I have NEVER had lice... In all my 30 plus years of life, lice has NEVER been an issue.  My siblings never had it... And my CHILDREN have NEVER EVER had it... My mother and father have never had it either... So, I was sitting up here thinking... What's the connection?!?!?

Well, I'll tell you:

BLUE MAGIC GREASE!!! Blue Magic has been used around the clock in my family... Dang near everyday of our lives.  We've always had some grease and water in our hair... And, we've NEVER had lice.

Now, many folks will say that there is no SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that states that this is a lice killer or repellent... Well, I know my LICE FREE LIFE doesn't lie, and I know what's been in my hair all my life! :)

Moving into the NEW SCHOOL TIMES:

Tea Tree Leave In Conditioner and Tea Tree Oil -- Works to repel lice as well!! Get it, use it and love it!! :) I'm a huge fan of it as well... Tea Tree Oil keep fungi away from your hair, so I'll consider lice a bit of a fungi because it's an unwanted addition to your life! LOL... :)

I know a LOT of natural sistas and brothas do NOT like grease... but, I tell you something... Used in moderation, it's fine... JUST LIKE EVERYTHING! :)  AND... My GROWTH DON'T LIE, and my hair lives for grease! :) -- I guess I'm not the 'natural Natural'... haha! :)

Now, I can't speak on folks who have it and how to get rid of it, because that's never been my experience... but, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has kept me and mine from getting it! :) I'm truly confident in that.

Anyway, I hope this blog helps someone!!! It's an epidemic and if you can do something to STOP it from even getting in your hair, I know you'd love it!! :)

Comments? Leave them here! :)


Boysandgirlsnaturalcurls said...

I'm a firm believer in that too Char! I really don't want to go into a long drawn out explenation but as far as I have known if you use grease or oils in your hair routinely you cant get lice because it cannot attach to the hair follicle!

Michelle G said...

I have cousins who had hair past their waist and they always used baby oil to keep the pest away. I on the other had have been a victim of these nasty lil creatures invasion. I can blame no one but myself for this happening as my mother told me not to hang around the person who gave them to me. I will leave you with this, getting treated to get rid of them is the worst especially when your mom is in your ear telling you why it's your own fault you are going through it. Why are moms always right...LOL.

Charlotte said...

Boysandgirlsnaturalcurls * YES MA'AM!!!!!


Charlotte said...

Michelle G * YEP!!! Mom's are always right... SOMETIMES!! :)

That's what you get for hanging out with that girl too!! HAHAHA! :)


Goldilocks*n*Me said...

Ok, I'm probably about to sound real ignorant, but I always thought black people just didn't get lice?! I've never had it, never worried about, never even thought my kids could get it. I thought if your hair is curly or didn't have natural oils on it like straight hair that you wouldn't get lice. Now that I feel like a dummy, I better go so some lice research! Lol, thanks for posting

Charlotte said...

Goldilocks*n*Me * HAHA!! Not ignorant at all!! I was told by the nurses that they HAVE seen black children with lice... I've never witnessed it for myself, but we have ALWAYS had oil or grease in our hair. I do know that black folks can get ringworm though... I've never had it... Nor have my children/family... But, I've definitely seen that!! :-/


allthingscuteandgirly said...

Ok, it wasn't as nasty as I thought it would be. Your picture of lice scared me away though. Lol but very informative. I will now stock up on tea tree and use *some* grease when she is in school lol

Charlotte said...

allthingscuteandgirly * hahaha... I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be!! I know the picture is scaring a lot of folks away. :( -- Glad you read it though and found it informative!! :) <3


Nicole said...

I have never had and my children never had it either. When there was an epedemic in one of my elementary schools, the nursing staff to monitor the black students were low on the priority list. I may be one of the ignorant ones too..LOL But I do know that according to data and demographics black people are least likely to get them and on rare occasions they do. I have just never known any personally. I follow the age old myth anyway..ha it's ithe grease and oils.

Charlotte said...

Nicole * No ignorance here!! We are all learning... Everyday is another day to learn something new. However, I do know that oils and grease are the reason that the lice can't hold on to our strands!!! LOL... HURRAY FOR IT!! YAAAAAAAAAY for kinks!!


Nikki said...

You know, I had never given it a thought as to whether or not black people, or any other race for that matter, could get lice. I had never heard that myth until last month and I did a little happy dance because my daughter is half black and I wouldn't have to worry about it with her. The lady told me the nits and eggs couldn't attached themselves to the hair because of the oils always used on the hair and scalp. My son is white and he's never had lice (knock on wood and thanking God), but if he did I would shave him to the skin because I'm not picking through his hair with a nit comb and NIX and Rid don't always work. The lice will breed and they eventually become immune to the formulas. Shooo...I'd even shave Baby O's head and slip on some big (for her) hoop hearings and teach her how to rock it! :-) Thank you for this post, I'm gonna keep the baby greased up in some Blue Magic, I've always heard great things about it.

Charlotte said...

Nikki * I hear you!! I hear you!!! I know that Nix and Rid don't work all the time... Because the little buggers DEFINITELY become immune... :-/ And BABY O?!?!? She'd rock a short cut like no ones business!! :) <3 And YES!! Blue Magic is the business!!

Thank you for your wonderful comment!! Love it!!


Precious @ said...

Loved this post! No one in my family has ever gotten lice and neither have I. My mom said people with relaxers aren't likely to get them bc the chemicals would kill them. I don't use grease. Wonder if I'm prone?? Hmm ...

Charlotte said...

Precious * Could be the oils you use?? -- If you're prone, HEY HEY HEY!! LOL! :) -- I'm just glad you never got them... I'm glad we've never got them!! HURRAY!!

Char~ said...

I was always told that if you used hair grease you couldn't get lice too, and I found it to be true too! Every school year, at least once, a note is sent home saying lice was found in the classroom! My kids never got it- and I know that was thanks to the grease. I hope we never get it ewe! :P

Charlotte said...

curlyhairisbeautiful * HAHA!! YEP!!! Grease does the trick... here are more costly ways to keep it out (oils can get a bit costly), but good old GREASE will keep you lice free... and lice free is the way to be!! :) LOL


Elizabeth@Different Kinds of Curls said...

Char, I love my Blue Magic grease. It is the best sealant in the world for my Li'l Bit's type 4 coils, and I love it on my own 3b/3c hair. I had always heard rumors that grease keeps the lice away, and though Im not sure its true, I have never had lice! And I dont plan on letting go of my grease, so hopefully I will never get it!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Elizabeth@Different Kinds of Curls * WOOT WOOT!! I can SAFELY say that if you keep grease on hand, you'll never have it... EVER!!! I'm glad you love your Blue Magic, because I'm a HUGE fan of it!! LOVE IT TO PIECES! :)