Monday, October 11, 2010

At Home Hot Oil Treatments

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Hey all,

I was requested by a follower of mine to speak about hot oil treatments, and how to give yourself one at home.  Well, it's actually VERY simple.

Tools You'll Need:

Olive oil or Corn oil
Spray bottle
Conditioning hair cap (It's silver)
A heated cap (that connects to the blow dryer) or hair dryer

*Fill the spray bottle with water and oil (half of each -- You'll be able to use it again!!)
*Take the comb, and separate your hair into four sections. Braid or twist each section.
*Doing a section at a time, take it out and spray it down with the olive oil/water mixture and massage it into your scalp.  braid or twist the section back up.
*Take your heated cap or hair dryer and put it on medium for about 20-30 minutes.
*Take off the heated cap or turn off the hair dryer and leave the conditoner cap on for about an hour extra for deep conditioning.
*Rinse it out using a co-wash of your choice (I prefer Tresemme).
*Voila!! Style as you desire.

This works WONDERFUL, ladies! -- Try it out and give me some feedback.

(I will post pictures soon of the items... Mommy duties are taking priority right now...)
Keep watching,


Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair Chronicles - (Part 1)

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Hey all! -- So, I've been on this natural journey of mine for some years now, however I've recently decided to truly take the bull by the horn, so to speak, and embrace MY hair! -- It has truly been a rewarding experience.  I've been asked what I use in my hair to give it the shine, bounce and structure that it has. -- ONE of the hair regimens that I use is what I like to call the "Trescorn" -- It consists of the following:

You'll need:
An empty water bottle
Tresemme Conditioner (any type)
Corn oil (YES, the cooking kind)

In the water bottle, mix:
1/2 cup of Tresemme
1 1/2 tablespoons of corn oil
water (tap or distilled)

Mix it all together (shake the bottle)!! Voila -- DONE!

"Trescorn" ingredients (w/rollers)

Now, in order to get this style:
Beautiful curly twist out
You'll need the Trescorn mix and approximately 25-30 small (black) foam rollers.
Twist your hair into approximately 50 twists, using the Trescorn on each twist (simply separate your hair, spray the Trescorn on it, rub it in, detangle it with your fingers (if possible), twist it up! --
Separate and twist -- Try NOT to use a comb -- Only use it when necessary
After it's all twisted up, put the rollers on 2 of the twists at a time (put it on each twist around the front of your face in order to get that special curl). I tend to get kinda sloppy with my twists at the end (in the back), so the rollers HELP with the overall look! :) Let it air dry (or, if you would like to get a nice hot oil treatment going, sit under a hair dryer (on warm) and let your hair get an 'extra' conditioning treatment that way -- while also drying your hair!

The overall look is gorgeous, bouncy, shiny and lasts for about 5 days!
To cover my hair, I simply use a bandana (to lay down the front), net cap or sweater cap AND I cover it all with a pillow case -- Satin or cotton.  Why? Well, it doesn't harm my hair.  It's soft and it keeps the hair moisturized.

Sure, it's not the most flattering, but my hair sure is! :)
I hope that this helps you all on your journey.  Questions, don't hesitate to ask! Comments are also welcome!

Thanks and Keep Watching,


Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Hey all! I wanted to do a blog because I have a lot of information to share, and hopefully it is information that could help others. Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Charlotte and I'm a wife, a mother and a designer.  -- I enjoy making clothes as well as jewelry, candles, designing different hairstyles, along with hairstyle 'products' that can help black women in their natural hair journey.  I've had hits AND misses, but it's all been fun for me, and I'll be sharing what HAS worked and also what didn't work for me. --

Natural hair -- Yes, it's been a journey!!

I'm also very big on being a mother.  I feel as if that is such an important title and CAREER (because once you have a child, your life is NO LONGER your own) and I will be sharing some of MY parenting tips -- not to tell you how you should raise your children, but just to let you know what works for me. :) I've had many hits and misses in that arena as well!! However, why not share it and hopefully get some feedback on other options to use.

My three gorgeous ones...

Also -- Marriage.  I'm so in love with my husband and I'll be blogging about that as well.  I can't help it!! Hoping that won't get too sappy for you all! :) -- It's Charlotte's Avenue -- All that goes on in my neck of the woods... I hope I keep you all intrigued! :)

My lovebucket and I! <3

Keep watching,