Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Product Review: Qoileez -- Featuring CC of CC's Corner!

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Hello, Everyone!!
It's me, CC from CC's Corner!!


Made out of stretchy plastic ~ you can put 'em in your hair to update your favorite style. Put 'em on your pencil to add some fun. Does someone you love knit? They're sure to be a hit!  There are so many great ways to use Qoileez!
The wonderful people over at QOILEEZ gave us this wonderful opportunity to review their product.
This product is great for all ages and not only are they great for hair, but can also be used as pencil accessories... a gift for any holiday. As a sixteen year old, at first I didn't know if it would work with my age group. But once I put them on I was the hottest thing since hot sauce. They give a splash of color to any outfit. As far as the infinite possibilities that these QOILEEZ  possess, I was able to do anything with my hair and if I didn't know what to put in it, QOILEEZ was the easiest and quickest solution to a growing female problem -- hair issues!!

My mother uses the Choca scale to rate her product reviews... However, since I did this one, I've decided to use the AJ (Almond Joy... My littlest sister, of course) scale!!
So, on a scale of 1 to 5 AJ's, with 5 being the best, I give this product:
This product does what it says it will do. It's very cute... It's very stylish and it hooked my hair up!!!
I definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes hair jewelry, loves flair, and just likes to be different!! I am all three of those!! :)
So, please go to the Qoileez FB PAGE, like it, and let them know that Charlotte's Avenue sent you... Also, make sure you check out their website!!! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 Best of Fros on the Fourth Baby Big Hair Giveaway

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Hey all!!! So, I'm back... And for what?!?!?!

*~*Well... Introducing*~*

Hey all!!! It's time... It's time... TURN UP TIME (HAHAHAHA!!!) Are you ready to submit your FROS ON THE FOURTH hairstyles??? Are you ready to be in the running for a BOMB.COM Baby Big Hair Tee?!?!?!

Fros on the Fourth aka National  Afro Day, founded by BlkOnyx488 on Long Hair Care Forum to encourage naturals to rock out “fro” styles and/or paraphernalia to celebrate the freedom and beauty of natural hair on Independence Day!

Baby  Big Hair presents the “Best of  Fros On The Fourth” kids natural BIG HAIR contest!! Celebrating the freedom of kid’s natural hair    everywhere, Baby Big Hair is calling for all  “frotos” in this one of a kind contest.  Let your Baby Big Hair celebrate Independence Day aka Nation Fro Day by proudly displaying their BIG HAIR! Share you "frotos’ with us via for a chance to win the ever so popular "Yes… It’s All Mine" Tee, sold exclusively at the Baby Big Hair Online Store. And for a shot a winning the grand prize!
CONTEST DATE:  July 4th – 6th - Winners will be announced 7/7 and grand prize winner on 7/8. 
CONTEST TYPE: Instagram "Froto" Share 
Prize: One (1) “Yes, It’s All Mine” Tee Shirt 
*available in 12/24 Month Onesie, 2/4T, Girls XS   –   XL (some    limited    colors), and Youth Classic sizes S-XL 
GRAND PRIZE: $50 GAP Gift Card
  • Follow @babybighairlife and @charlottesavenue on Instagram
  • Post your Baby Big Hair’s July 4h Froto with the @charlottesavenue and @babybighairlife    
    handles and hashtag #bestfroson4thBBH

  • The contest will run from July 4th thru July 6th. A winner will be chosen by Charlotte's Avenue on July 7th. The grand prize winner will be chosen by Baby Big Hair on July 8th.
    Please note:

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our New Store:!!

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Hey all!!
So, as you know, I've been blogging for some years now, (about 3)... I've had some great times and made some amazing connections in the blogging world, and now I've stepped it up a notch!!!
We have an ONLINE STORE now!!!

We are a HOMEGROWN BUSINESS... Doing big things to make sure our family and other families have the things that they need and want in this life... We are trying to make sure that we can help ourselves and others.  We have amazing T-Shirts, Jewelry, Artwork and other accessories that we are selling, with items being added daily!  We are up and coming, and trying to get our name out there!!! Our products are all HOMEGROWN and made with care! We make sure that every product is 100% before it goes out to the amazing people who have purchased them.

Please help us!! Purchase our amazing items!! Share our blog posts!! If you're on or FB, share our pictures of our goodies on our website. If you're on Instagram or Twitter, repost our posts.  Help this HOMEGROWN BUSINESS to grow and help others!! We will greatly appreciate it!!!

Also, if you have a business and need T-Shirts with your logo on them, PLEASE email us at, and we can help you!! We are trying to have our hands in all pots!! :) God has blessed us with many talents and we here to share them with you all!! :)

I thank you all for taking the time to read this blog and HELP us!! It's does not go unnoticed, and I am very thankful!!

Thank you all, and look forward to many more blog posts with Miss Choca and her lovelieness!! AJ will be in there too! :)

Keep Watching,


Friday, February 8, 2013


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Hey all!!

Soooooooo... My friend, Ms. Alease Benton and I have decided to giveaway some of our handcrafted goodies to ONE LUCKY FOLLOWER of my blog!!! We are branching out and want ONE OF YOU to enjoy!!

First, Alease is giving away a very pretty pair of earrings!!! They are named "Refill"... beautifully colored with purples, creams and marbled beads, these will definitely have you coming back for more!

AND, I will be giving away one of my specialty crocheted hats... I've named this one "Lavendarling"... gorgeously weaved with Lavendar yarn... with touches of cream and slate gray...

So cute, right??

Please make sure to check out Alease's FB page and please don't forget to holler at MINE as well, dollfaces!! :)
Soooooo... Now, it's time to enter this cute little giveaway!!! Good luck, all!!

Please wait for the Rafflecopter to load...

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Style #2 With Choca's Twisted Faux Hawk...

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Hey all...
So, here is the next style that I came up with for Choca's Twisted Faux Hawk. 
Okay... CC helped me come up with the name... The 'swaddle' has to do with the way the hair is rolled under... it's done the way you would swaddle your baby into a blanket when they are a newborn... (all the Mommies and SOME of the Daddies will understand... LOL!!)
What I did was I used the part that her hair NORMALLY has in this style to use as the parted area. I took one side, rolled it lightly underneath itself and bobby pinned it into place.  I took the other side and did the EXACT same thing.  You can do it as tight or as loose as you'd like (especially if your child's hair is longer or shorter than Choca's).
The results??

So cute, right??? I added the little flower for a tad bit of flair... OR, you can do it without any hair jewelry:

Still just as cute!! It's quite easy and takes all of MAYBE 2 minutes to do...
And, when covering it up at night, all I do is spray it down with a little water and oil, and put a bandana on it...

Easy Peasy!! :)

Style #3 coming soon!!
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Keep Watching,

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Style for Choca!! WOW, Right?!?!?!

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Hey all...

So, Choca and I decided that a new style was in order for the KandyLandKurls 2013 Protective Style Challenge that she is a part of... So... We decided we'd do a Faux Hawk for the next 2-4 weeks (depending upon how easy it is to keep up)

Products Used:
Blue Magic Organics Indian Hemp Hair Conditioner
Mane 'n Tail Detangler
Karite Special Masque Reparateur
Obi Naturals Curl Enhancing Custard

I took out all of her previous twists, in order to give her a NICE Deep Conditioning treatment with the Karite Special Masque Reparateur.  This product was left on her hair for about 2 hours. 

I then separated her hair into sections, cornrowed them (except for the top... I bunned it up) and let her hair dry overnight...

Alright... Now, down to the nitty gritty!! I used the REST of the products listed above to create the style I'm about to unveil. Are you ready!??! :)

You sure??

She'd been FAUX HAWKED!! I braided a really cute criss-cross pattern on the sides, and twisted the top into two-strand twists to keep with her 'norm'... but change it up just enough to get a BANG out of it!! :)

With this style, I will be blogging about the different styles I've come up with before I take this Faux Hawk down and go back to her go-to style.

Here is the first one:

To achieve this style, I simply separated the twisted hawk area into three sections. I rolled the top two sections under towards the back and used a bobby pin to secure it... The bottom portion I rolled up and bobby pinned it into place..
Easy Peasy, Folks!!
And that's it!!
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Keep Watching,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Twisted Updo, The Norm, And A Vintage Outfit...

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Hey all..

So, as most of you know, Choca is in a Protective Style Challenge.  Obviously, her twists are a protective style, and she wears them well... :)

Pretty Pretty Girl!!!

Products Used:
Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong Strengthening Conditioner
Grape Seed Oil
(I mixed all of these products together to make my leave in conditioner this week)
Bobby Pins
So, for this week's submission, we tried an updo.  I cornrowed four braids on the right side of her head... I also gave her a wrap bang... and kept everything together with bobby pins.

The Updo...


We then removed the bobby pins (because Miss Choca wanted her hair down again... LOL)
Then, she wanted you all to see her vintage outfit...
How cute is she?!?!? Hehe...
And that's it!!
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Keep Watching,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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Hey all!!

Sooooooo... The winner has been announced for the OBI NATURAL HAIRCARE GIVEAWAY... Is it you??

*winner has 48 hours to respond to my email that I have sent them... If the winner does not respond in the allotted amount of time, I will choose another winner*

Thank you, and get ready for my next giveaway for Valentine's Day!! :)


Keep Watching,


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Washing Twists With Choca...

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Hey all!!

So, today I decided that I wanted to wash Choca's twists... I USUALLY do a co-wash on her hair... But, today I wanted to try out the OBI NATURAL HAIRCARE products on her hair. I recently did a review on these products using BB as the hair model (click here to see the review), and I wanted to try these products on Choca to see how her hair reacts with these products in it...

The Products I Used:


First, I wet her hair down and vigorously rubbed her hair/scalp with the Coconut & Shea Shampoo Bar... Making sure to get to every twist soapy!

I then gave her a conditioning treatment with Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong Strengthening Conditioner...  Making sure to saturate her hair with the conditioner and letting it sit in her hair for 20 minutes...

I then rinsed it...

Yeah... She wasn't happy about this wash day!!
I let her hair air dry so she could feel the breeze in her scalp, and her hair could be WITHOUT product for a couple of hours.  How BEAUTIFUL is her hair?!??! My goodness!!

After 2 1/2 hours, I then put some Curly Hydration Spray in her hair to get her curls popping... Then I put the Curl Enhancing Custard to bring those beautiful curls out even more!! I put a small amount of the Curl Moisture Cream and some more Curly Hydration Spray to finish it off... And VOILA:

How gorgeous is her hair?!?! It's so pretty and bouncy!! This product is VERY light, so it does not weigh the hair down...

I made her the cutest hat (Me and a friend of mine who makes the most DELICIOUS earrings will be collaborating on a giveaway in February with one of my beautiful handmade hats and her earrings for Valentine's Day), and she wanted to rock it today...

Too cute, RIGHT??
And there it is!!! Gorgeousness all around!! If you all have NOT check out the Obi Natural Haircare products, Please check them out... And check out the giveaway I'm having on their products HERE

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Thanks, all!!

Keep Watching, 


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Life Of MLK Jr...

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Hey all...

*Shouting out Miss Allison Morris for giving me this information... How could I NOT share?!!?*

After all the celebrations that come with the month of December, it’s easy to feel like the rest of winter is empty of special occasions or reasons to celebrate. One important day to commemorate, however, falls in the middle of January and is certainly a cause for thanks and remembrance: Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. People honor and celebrate the life of Dr. King for many reasons, but most importantly, for his role in working to achieve race equality in America. Dr. King had arguably the greatest impact of any single person during the fight for racial equality, and the fact that his life was cut short causes people to wonder what he may have gone on to achieve in his lifetime. History is full of important, memorable figures, but for those individuals who have helped influence equality, it’s especially important to honor their achievements. Most children learn a bit about Dr. King in schools today, but it’s vital to continue that conversation outside of the classroom and in the world, where equality issues are still pressing. The following infographic presents a timeline of the life of Martin Luther King Jr., to honor his legacy and fuel the conversation about his battle for equality.

Attribution to for this amazing graphic as well!MLK Infographic

What a magnificent timeline showing the life of an extraordinary man!! 

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!!

Keep Watching,