Monday, October 24, 2011

BB's Braided/Beaded Headband & Pony Puff-Tail :)

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Hey all,

So, today I decided to give BB a really cute Braided Headband look. Braided Headbands are one of my favorite things to do on my girls, because they make ANY hairstyle pop to me!!

Anyway, today I was going to attempt a hairstyle for our Harvest Festival at our church, but that was a HUGE and unsightly...

So, I calmed my nerves (YES, I GOT UPSET A BIT!!!), and I tried another style.  I decided to give her a braided headband, with some beading at the end.  I then cornrowed another braid in the front and gave her a beaded design on the ends.  I decided to stay with a pink theme to finish off October with a PINK bang!!!

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Posts:

With the "partial-cornrow" I did in the front, I split it about 1/4 way down into two braids.  I then added a beaded design on each braid and rubber banded them together at the end to give it a little flair. I also left some of her curls out to really make it POP and stand out! I then gave her a side pony puff-tail that she can wear out in a puff, OR twist up and have a nice twisted tail to rock... Either way, it's beautiful!!! 

Products I used:

A homemade leave in concoction:

 -- Suave Conditioner
 -- EVOO
 -- Water
Clear, Pink, Black, White Beads
(2) rubber bands
(1) Ponytail holder

Pictures of the process:


Her beaded loop is too cute, right??? I'm a fan of the loop... As you see here... especially on BB! :) 

So, this style will last a good 2 weeks.  I will re-do the ponytail next week to extend the style, but otherwise, she's good to go!!! 

Oh, and she LOVES IT!! :) WIN/WIN for everyone!! :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post, all!! :) 

Comments: Leave them here! :) 

Keep Watching, 



Shay said...

even though what you were trying was an epic fail, your new style turned out beautiful!

Michelle G said...

Beautiful as usual. BB has such a gorgeous smile. All your girls are so pretty.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Shay * Awww!! Thank you!!! I'm glad you like it!!! :) I didn't want to let my frustration get the best of me, so I rolled out something! :)


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Michelle G * Thank you Sis!!! THANK YOU!! Des is a beauty queen as well, Sis!! <3


Goldilocks*n*Me said...

ok that's what i get for not reading... i thought this style was the "epic fail." I was like "fail... is she crazy??!!" then i read the post, lol love this style, i would love to try to copy it on GDL! BB has the prettiest smile :)

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Goldilocks*n*Me * Thank you!! And please, by all means... COPY away!! I know GDL's hair would look marvelous in this style!!! And thank you again... BB's smile is infectious! :)


Precious @ said...

Beautiful job, dang your braid is so neat!! :)

Dominique-Alexis said...

Her hair looks so moisturized and healthy! Great job :D

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Precious * Thank you, Sis!! :) <3


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Dominique-Alexis * Thank you, mami!! It's very moisturized. She makes SURE she keeps it that way since the BC she had in the summer! :) Those three inches changed her mind about doing whatever to her hair!! HAHA


Nikki's HairThoughts said...

I thought the same thing GDL*n*Me thought--that's a fail?? lol. This style is so pretty and I love the looped braid. Amazing work, as always!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Nikki's HairThoughts * Thank you so much!! I appreciate that! :)