Friday, September 9, 2011

Caramel Cutie's Braided Headband/Afro Puff Style!

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Hey all,

So, last night, I decided to update CC's Twisted Bang/Afro Puff Style that she has been rocking this week (Caramel Cutie's Blowout)...

CC's Twisted Bang/Afro Puff Style!! My Mini-Me!! <3
What I used:

African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula

The African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula is GREAT.  It's like a cream and it's very moisturizing for our hair over here!! It softens the hair (with the water) and makes it VERY easy to manage! :) 

What I did was undo the twists, section off a front portion of her hair and give her THREE cornrows (two to the left, one to the right). On the side that had the two braids, I put them into a little rose like twist in order for her to put her flowers on without sticking it through her hair. It took me about 40 minutes to do and it turned out pretty nice!!

The Results:

CC's Braided Headband!! Don't mind her sleepy eyes... It was late!

Right Side View: - Afro Puff & Braided Headband w/the braids twisted into a rose.

Her AFRO PUFF!!! "Rock on witcho bad self, CC!"

Left side View: The one braid on this side was pulled up into the Afro Puff! :) 
Then, I added the flower:

The braids w/the flower!! <3

My sleepy CC!! :) Looking as cute as can be!! <3
Really cute style, and she was happy about it!!! So, you all know what that means, right?!?!? She's happy, I'm happy and it's a win/win situation for EVERYONE involved! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this blog!! :)

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Keep Watching,



Diva Locks said...

that is so cute and creative I like it :)

Charlotte said...

Diva Locks * THANK YOU! :) It was a late night decision, but it worked out! :)


Michelle G said...

Love the new style...I really like the idea of the lil rose you put in. Maybe I can sell Des on that idea. CC is as pretty as ever.

Charlotte said...

Michelle G * Thank you, sis!!! :) She says, "Thank you, Ms. Michelle!!" -- (Yaaaaay for respectful babies!!) -- And yes... Sell Miss Des on it!!! I know you can! :)


Baby Big Hair said...

First of all, that child is stankin GORG! Mannnn! and I love the braided headband and the details of it!!

Baby Big Hair said...

First of all that girl is just so PRETTY! Loving the braided headband and all the details that come with. You put your foot in that head didn't you?!?!

Charlotte said...

Baby Big Hair * Awww, thank you!! She says, "Thank you, Ms. BBH!" - AND, I thank you on the braided headband compliment... I'm looking forward to seeing it on BBH!!! :) <3


Dreamer13 said...

Fun!! I wish Q's hair was bigger so styles like this would POP on her ;-) I love love love it! Great job, you two!

Charlotte said...

Karli * Awww, thank you!! Q would TOTALLY rock this style... A nice curly fro in the back w/a braided headband in the front!??! Total rock out!! :)

Thanks doll,


Tracey-BBH said...

Char this is really cute!!!

Charlotte said...

Tracey-BBH * Thank you! :)


Precious @ said...


Charlotte said...

Precious * Thank you, dollface! :)


Goldilocks*n*Me said...

I don't know how I missed this but I <3 the braided rose!! I love this style, bitin' it fo sho'!

Charlotte said...

Goldilocks*n*Me * HAHA! Thank you!! Chomp Chomp Chomp away, mami!! :) <3