Monday, September 12, 2011

Twisted Marilyn Monroe/Faux Hawk For Choca!!!

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Hey all,

So, I decided to REVAMPED Choca's hair today.  I had given her a style (it will be posted on the 15th!!) and today it was looking a bit fuzzy...(You KNOW I can't have that!!!) So, I decided to REVAMP!!

Products Used:

African Pride Magical Gro
Tea Tree Leave In Conditioner
Black Beads & African Colored Wooden Beads

So, I undid the front part of hair hair (It was flat twisted)....What a perfect time for a picture opportunity:


My happy Choca!

I then twisted the front of her hair into what my husband calls a "Twisted Marilyn Monroe" style:

Mini Twists & Flat Twists!! :) The TWISTED MARILYN MONROE! :) <3

I then parted the back of her hair into three sections.  I braided the sides into a Faux Hawk style and twisted the 'ends', and the center part, I just twisted it.  I then gave her some accents of black and wooden beads and VIOLA!! DONE:


And, I had to show off her vintage 'fit for the day!! $.89!!! YES!!! Too cute, huh:

So, all is well... She is running her fingers through her hair, loving every bit of it... It's healthy, and gorgeous!!! She's happy, I'm happy... it's a happy world over here!! :)

Choca the Clown! :) 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog!!! It was fun doing her hair today!! She did an awesome job... Not a lot of whining... She fell asleep for a GOOD portion of it, and that helped a LOT!! LOL! :)

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Keep Watching,



Nikki said...

Ok, so not only is Choca one of the cutest babies ever and rockin' the twists like nobody's business...but she's also looking like my all time favorite movie star!?!?! (Seriously, you should see the pictures around my house, my son's friends always ask if it was me when I was younger lol.) Aaahhhhhh, loving this...

Precious @ said...

Such a lovely style! Choca, her hair, and her dress are too gorgeous for words!!

Goldilocks*n*Me said...

Cute! I definitely see the Marilyn Monroe in this style! And I love the accent beads!

Charlotte said...

Nikki * Awwwwwwww!! Thank you, Nikki!!! :) I'm a huge MARILYN MONROE fan as well!! In the process of getting some socks with her on them (Did I tell you I was a sock fanatic too?!?!?) and some flip flops with her on them... LOVE HER!! :) Thank you!!! <3


Charlotte said...

Precious * Thank you!! I like the dress too.. And with it being $.89, it's even more pretty, huh?!?! :) Thank you, mami!!


Charlotte said...

Goldilocks*n*Me * Thank you!!! The Twisted Marilyn Monroe!! :) She's loving it, girl... She keeps going over to the mirror and smiling at herself!! LOL!


Boysandgirlsnaturalcurls said...

OMGEEE!!!!!!!!! Why do you insist on teasin me with this beautiful girl in these twist

Michelle G said...

I am a fanatic for your Choca like you are a fanatic for socks. Love this lil girl, she is beyond adorable and that 'do. OMGoodness, can't help but smile when I see her face.

Charlotte said...

Boysandgirlsnaturalcurls * Haha!! Thank you, mami!! You know twists are my favorite!! <3


Charlotte said...

Michelle G * Awwwwww!! Thanks, sis!! :) She's a sweepie pie honey bunch!! :)


Mama M said...

ooooooh she is too cute!!! I love this style, I think JJ would love it too - we do a lot of twists at our place. Can't wait to show these pictures to little brother K tomorrow, he already has a crush on Choca!

Charlotte said...

Mama M * Thank you, mami! :O) Twists are great, right?!?! They are easy to do and keep you from over manipulating the hair as well, which helps with growth!! Just a little moisture here and there and BAM!! Done and done!! :) Try it on JJ... I think she'll love it. Hehe @ K!! :)