Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homeschooling: READING!!!

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Hey all,

So... READING with a 26 month old... Hmmmm... Can it happen?!?!? Absolutely... Is it difficult?!?! Eh... Not particularly... It's all about your patience level (at least in my case) -- And how is my patience, you ask?? Well, I'll tell you: IT IS PRETTY DAG ON AWESOME! :)


Back to the lecture at hand... HAHA -- I've been going over sight words and such with Choca and reading the SAME books over and over again to her (NAMELY: The Missing Piece and Hop On Pop)... So, when we read the books now, she helps me read it to her and even wants to sit down and read it to me!!! :)

Video Example:

Now as you can see, Choca likes to get through it...QUICKLY!!! -- Maybe her patience level is a LOT less than mine!! HAHAHA!! However, she's getting there!!!

Question: How do you get your child to read and UNDERSTAND the words?

Answer: Repetition...Repetition...REPETITION!!!! Continually going over the same words, reading the same books, finding those words out in the community, on television, etc.  AND, let them know the definition of the word... Explain it to them!! :) Remember, children WANT to learn... They NEED to learn!! Who better to teach them than their parents!!?!?!  Even if they are in public school, continue schooling them when they get home!! They'll thank you for it! -- This has helped up TREMENDOUSLY with helping Choca learn to read!!! Actually, it's helped us with ALL areas of her homeschooling! Repetition is the SPICE OF LIFE when it comes to learning!! :)

And YES!! Make it fun!!! Make it exciting for them!! It's important for them to WANT to learn... It's important for them to get EXCITED when they are about to learn!! Laugh, and be JOYOUS with it!! There is NOTHING like seeing your child smiling and ready to PLAY while learning!!!

Miss Choca playing and ACTUALLY looking for the missing piece in her book! :) 
I must say, I'm truly enjoying this homeschooling experience!! I LOVE seeing her bright eyed and bushy tailed when it comes time to get 'schooled'.  I love seeing her speak about all that she knows, and I'm the one who taught it to her!! What an awesome accomplishment!!! :) AND... She's only 26 months!!! She's so very well spoken already... I'm truly excited to see what the future holds!! :) It's looking mighty bright!! :)

Choca & I after our Homeschooling Session!! :) ALL SMILES!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog!! I truly enjoyed writing it for you all! :) Let me know some of your tricks of the trade to keep your children interested in learning!! :) 

Questions: CharlottesAvenue@gmail.com
Comments: Leave them here!! :) 

Thanks, all!!! Thank you for your support!

Keep Watching, 



Baby Big Hair said...

Go'Head Baby! LOVE IT! And I love to see my Choca on video! cutie pie!! Yey! Good job Mommy, see you putting it down over there!!

Charlotte said...

Baby Big Hair * Thank you, mami!! :) I figured adding video to the homeschooling blog posts was a nice touch... To be able to see her in action! :) -- Thank you again... I'm trying, Sis!! I'm trying!


allthingscuteandgirly said...

This is so cute! I love that you are sharing her growth with us. This was around the same age that my daughter was interested in "reading". It is so true about repetition. I read the same books over and over to my daughter and she memorizes it too. I just hope soon she will start REALLY looking at the words. I remember when I was small my mom did the same to me and I would memorize the book...reading is really important and should be introduced as soon as possible so they enjoy it later in life. I love reading and I was read to as a toddler. Go choca!!

Charlotte said...

allthingscuteandgirly * Thank you!!! And yes... I think it's important to SHOW her progress in these blogs!! :) She's doing better and better each day!!! I'm so proud of her!! Yaaaaaay for reading to toddlers!! :) And yes... Your lovely will start LOOKING at the words...
One of the tricks I use:
* Writing some of the words she sees and has 'memorized' in the book down on some paper
* Mixing them up in a different order and having a sight word challenge with her!! :)

That's a GREAT way to know if it's memorization or if she TRULY knows the words! :)

Thanks, again!!


Precious @ Precious-Curls.com said...

Too cute, love the video!! Choca's doing awesome thanks to her awesome mama!

Dreamer13 said...

So awesome! I love the pic of both of you, too :)

Charlotte said...

Precious * Thank you!! :) I'm glad you like it!!! :) So sweet you are!


Charlotte said...

Dreamer13 * Thanks, doll!!! :) You can see all my little freckles... somewhat...in the picture! :)


Nicole said...

It's always a pleasure to read to my little ones. And they enjoy it just as much if not double. The famous..when you are done they hand the book to you to read again, and again and again and again. LOL

Charlotte said...

Nicole * RIGHT?!!? It's a beautiful thing to have between a parent and child... I embrace it!! <3 I'm glad you do as well!!


ggmix said...

U r so right about repitition and keeping it exciting. When my fiance and I read to our daughter we put on different voices for each charactor which seems to keep her more intrested. During the day I may put on one of the charactors voices and do role play which normally leads to her non stop laughing then she gets her book and follows the words with her finger pretending to read whilst Im acting (",)

Charlotte's Avenue said...

ggmix * YES MA'AM!! It's great to do role play with babies!! It keeps their interests peaked!!! I love that too!! You're doing a fantastic job with that little beauty over there!! I love to hear things like this! :)