Friday, September 9, 2011

Homeschooling: MUSIC!!!

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Hey all,

So, I really quickly wanted to share this site with you all.  I was looking for music online to listen to with Choca for our homeschooling session and I came across this site:

This site is amazing!! It has a section for parents, which tells parents about their mission at Baby Genius, gives parents the song lyrics to different children's songs to sing with their babies (AWESOME!!!), and downloads to songs...

Next, they have a section called, "Kids' Clubhouse" -- This section has GREATNESS all throughout it... matching games, mazes, color pages, web coloring, and many, many more!!! This site will help you and your child bond through music and your child will be able to LEARN!! I'm a firm believer in learning through music. From motor skills, to speech patterns, to confidence... It has played a HUGE part in the success of Choca's knowledge!

My smart little Choca!! Homeschooling WORKS! :)
There is also a section called, "The Circle of Education" -- In this section, they tell you how important music is for learning, and there is also a place where you can sign up to participate in the Circle of Education Study, and even if you don't want to participate, you get 18 FREE baby song downloads!!! HELLO!?!? It's a win/win!!

Now, if you don't want to go through all of that, you can just click this:

All of the downloads are here for you to enjoy!! :)  

Please check out this site folks.  I LOVE sites like these that cater to furthering the education of children and opening their minds up to something so amazing... MUSIC (my favorite)!!!

It's imperative for all parents (whether their children are in school outside of the home or within the home) to continue educating their children AT HOME!! Teachers are there to assist YOU in the success of your child... Not the other way around!! Spending an hour or more a day with your children talking with them, singing with them, helping them with their homework, etc., will help them build the confidence they need to succeed.

I hope you all learned a bit from this blog post!! MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC!!

Oh, and a little something from my mouth... And yes... Choca does it too!! :) Music comes in all forms, folks! :)

Comments? Leave them here folks! :)

Keep Watching,



Michelle G said...

The tools they have for children and parents to use now a days is amazing. Choca is such a beautiful person and she radiates happiness. I love to see her lil face.

Charlotte said...

Michelle * Right?? The tools are AMAZING indeed!! I'm so happy to be in this day and age with my babies!! There is no excuse for them to NOT have the best education afforded to them! :) -- And Choca... She's a happy little something for sure! :) <3 Praising GOD for a good, strong FOUNDATION and a loving family! <3


Nicole said...

I haven't heard that word "afforded" since Ken used it. It's like the information is readily available to parents and there's no reason we shouldn't have some kind of access to it. She's doing awesome I see. Just a little lady learning and growing up.

Coilybella said...

aww.. beautiful girl!

I totally agree that we as parents are our children's first teacher. I am going to try this for my 2 yr old who is still at home.

Charlotte said...

CoilyBella * Thank you, doll!! PLEASE TRY IT!!! I can guarantee you that you'll see a difference! :)


Charlotte said...

Nicole * HAHA!! Afforded fit... so I used it! :)

Thank you so much!!! Growing and learning... Two of my favorite things!! :)