Monday, September 19, 2011

Choca's REVAMPED Twisted Marilyn Monroe/Faux Hawk Style! (AND Outfit Of The Day)

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Hey all,

So, I decided TODAY... before we got our day TRULY started, that I'd revamp Choca's AWESOME FAUX HAWK GOODNESS... I wanted to switch it up a bit for the week, but not do too much over manipulating on it!! Soooooooo... That's just what I did!! :) 

In order to switch up this style, I used:

Tea Tree Leave In Conditioner
African Pride Magical Gro
(1) rubber band

I sprayed her entire head with water and TTLIC, I then put about (2) quarter sized amounts of African Pride in my hands, rubbed it together, and put it over Choca's entire head.  After that, I took the left side of her "Marilyn Monroe", and rubber banded it up... The right side I left loose.  Then, I cornrowed her twists in the back down and tucked the braid underneath itself.  I decorated her hair with a rose that I made myself!! 


THEN, she wanted to take pictures of her Outfit Of The Day!!! Did I oblige her?!?! What do you think?? I took this vintage dress seen here,  that I bought some months back and the jacket seen here... and paired them together!! She wanted to wear her pink socks and shoes with it, so we put those on her... And VOILA... Instant BEAUTY!!


She found her right ankle!!! :) 

And, she's so glad to have found her left one too! :) <3
We then headed out to the Library for some Homeschooling/Unschooling fun!!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, folks!! Her hair looks amazing and I really like this REVAMPED style!! The Avenue gets it in!!! :)

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Keep Watching,



Shay said...

girl stop, that girl is TOO fly :)

her hair totally fits that sweet lil face!

Charlotte said...

Shay * Awww thanks, Lady!! :) <3 -- I love this style on her!!! :) And you're too sweet! <3


Precious @ said...

The remixed style is super cute! And so is Choca and her outfit (as usual!!)

Charlotte said...

Precious * Thank you, mami!!! :) I appreciate it!!


Boysandgirlsnaturalcurls said...

oooooweeeee! You knwo she too cute!!!!

Charlotte said...

Boysandgirlsnaturalcurls * Thank you, mami!! And yes... She was all UP in the mirror today with this style!! :)


Goldilocks*n*Me said...

You just do stuff I would never have thought of and it's soooo cute! I love the side pony :D

Charlotte said...

Goldilocks*n*Me * Why, thank you doll!! :) <3 She's a little sassy something!! HAHA