Monday, January 14, 2013

OBI Natural Haircare Review/Giveaway

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Hey, all!!

It's Review/Giveaway Time!!!


So, I was given the amazing opportunity to try OBI NATURAL HAIRCARE's magnificent products, and have a giveaway for one lucky person to win all the products pictured above. 


The products we were given to try:


My daughter BB was ecstatic to try these products on her hair.  Her hair tends to dry out easily, and she's been looking for a product that would keep her beautiful curls hydrated and bouncy.  

First, she used the Coconut & Shea Shampoo Bar.

This bar smells heavenly.  The mixture of Coconut and Shea is delightful and leaves the hair smelling great!!

She washed her hair with the bar, making sure to really get into those curls and cleanse her scalp...

Vigorously cleansing that hair! :) 
Step one: Completed
Her curls are already poppin'!

Once completed with this step, She used the Curl Enhancing Custard:

The consistency of this is not tacky, but very creamy. The mixture of argon, grape seed and olive oils is a pleasure to the senses!! It awakens you!!

She then applied the Curl Moisture Cream:

This creams smells heavenly as well. I'm a HUGE lavender fan, and the smell of lavender truly engulfed me with this product. It's not heavy, but it's just enough to make you want to run through a field of it, smiling and happy! :) -- 

Finally, she used the Curl Hydration Spray:

This spray is light, not oily, and the vitamin E in this lovely mist brings about a beautiful shine.

The final product:

Do you all see that shine?? My goodness!! She was able to run her fingers through her hair w/out an issue as well.  Not gunky... Not heavy... Very light and amazing.

Yes.. She's happy! :) AND check that shine!!! :) 
On a scale from one to five Choca's... Five being the best, we give this product:

This product does with it says it will do!! The name of the products says it all!! They are the truth!!

AND NOW.... *drum roll please*



OBI NATURAL HAIRCARE has decided to mirror my review products by giving ONE LUCKY BLOG FRIEND the exact products we used!! How awesome is that??? So, ONE LUCKY BLOG FRIEND will get:

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Good Luck, folks!!

Keep Watching, 


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