Friday, December 21, 2012

Choca's Re-Twisted...

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Hey all!!

So tonight, I retwisted Choca's hair... She's going to be in the Christmas program at our church, so I wanted to make sure her hair was on point and FRESH!!! Although it looked good already, there is something about being 'FRONT AND CENTER' that made me re-do those delicious things...

Products Used:

-- Mane 'n Tail Detanger
-- Blue Magic Organics Indian Hemp Herbal Hair & Scalp Conditioner
-- Water
-- Red, Black, Green Beads
-- ONE Rubber Band (to secure the beads)

With my fingers, I untwisted the twists (section by section) that were already there... I sprayed water and detangler on them FIRST before undoing them.  I rubbed that through each section, and THEN took them out.  After they were free, I put the Blue Magic on her hair, and twisted it again... I then put ONE box braid on the right side of her head and beaded it (her signature) -- Easy Peasy!!



This took about TWO HOURS from beginning to end to complete!! She's good for another 6-8 weeks too!!!

She loves it... (although she was NOT trying to get her hair done tonight)... And I adore it!! :)

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Keianna J said...

I love the face shot of her new twist. Choca is really bringing it! LOL Very cute.

EandJ said...

Tell me all of your secrets. I just twisted my girl and left it in for 2 weeks. It was a mess detangling which caused me to swear off twists again. How does it last so long?

Shawnystheone said...

If she isnt the prettiest thing ever! So umm do you want to come twist my hair??? I pay in products :)

Chars Ave said...

Keianna J * HAHA!! Thank you, Sis!! Yes... She was TI-RED from getting her hair done... But, she was feeling mighty fine and HAPPY after it was done!! :)


Chars Ave said...

EandJ * I make sure to keep her hair moisturized in the twists. The reason: When I didn't moisturize it daily, it started to loc up after a few weeks... So, if I wet it daily and periodically put some product in it, it'll stay fresh and like new... So, when I take it out, I spray some of my conditioner/oil/water on it, and untwist it... Without issue. Works like a charm. :)


Chars Ave said...

Shawnystheone * Why thank you dollface! :) -- I love products!! Whatcha got?? ;-D


Sabrina Perkins said...

I love her hair and of course the thickness. What a cutie.

Tiffany: Diva Locks said...

very nice, perfectly even :)

Katherine Phillips said...

Her hair looks beautiful!!