Monday, April 9, 2012

Product Review: Celestial Crowns Shower Caps

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Hey all!


So, I was given the amazing opportunity to review some of the AMAZING shower caps from MY CELESTIAL SOULS.

From The Website:

Protect your hair while you shower with Celestial Comforter's decorative "Shower Crowns". Our quality constructed 10-gauge, mold resistant shower crowns" guarantee durability, as well as comfort. Celestial Crowns Shower Caps are available in medium "Mini-Crowns", Large & X-Large sizes. Our X-Large Shower Crowns have a unique feature, a 15mm nickel-finished snap for longer, heavier hair, and the snap can be used to provide a tighter fitting crown.
Currently, featured are:
• Shower Like An Egyptian
• Be Sq Be PROUD
• Bathroom Scrabble
• On Safari
• Twilight
• Marooned in My Shower
• GeometriCity
• 3DDD
• Silver Moon
• What Kinda Ducky Are You???
• Homage to Marcus
• Gerbera Garden
• Spa Time
• Peace n' Love
• TexTTawK
• Celestial Souls Shower Crowns
• Please Don't Worry...
• Shower-Up
Plus a variety of solid colors
So whether you have Luxurious Locs, Awesome Afros, BeDazzling Braids, Tantalizing Twists, WoW-Em' Weaves, Perfect Perms, or SilkyStraight Hair, "Celestial Crowns" are designed to protect any hairstyle. "Mini-Crowns" are great for anyone just wanting a slightly fuller, sturdier, funkier shower cap. Now you can still look stylish even while in the shower with our adjustable caps. In addition, "Celestial Crowns" make for a great bathroom conversation piece! Celestial Crowns are reasonably priced at $4.00 to $20.00 withdiscounts available.. Check out our list of vendors by clicking on the drop down menu under GALLERY. Perhaps there's a buy direct salon or spa in your area.
Get your "Shower Crown" TODAY by calling directly at             877-837-2852       or shop safely at our online store using PAYPAL!!
Our Review:
Now, I'm one of those folks who ALWAYS wore a grocery bag of some sort on my head when deep conditioning my hair or giving myself hot oil treatments.  The regular shower caps (the thin plastic ones) always tore on my head and were not big enough to encompass all of the hair that I had (whether it be my own or extensions).  So, when I got these shower caps, I was AMAZED.  

They are a very THICK  plastic that is VERY heavy duty and can hold lots of hair/product inside.  They are tight enough around our heads to keep whatever products we have on our heads inside, but not too tight where it cuts off our circulation.  They are BIG on our heads as well... 

They are REUSABLE as well!!! 
I HIGHLY recommend these shower caps, folks!!! You will NOT be disappointed.  They are not uncomfortable either.  I was totally able to take care of business around my home for the three hours I DC'd my hair in this cap... No issues!!
Please check out their WEBSITE and make sure to go on over to their FACEBOOK, 'like' them, and let them know I sent you!! 

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Precious Henshaw said...

These caps look perfect!! Big caps for big hair! Love!

Michelle G said...

I have admired this line for about a year. Love hearing how wonderfully they work.

Chars Ave said...

Precious * Girl, you will LOVE these!! They are amazing!!!! :) BIG CAPS FOR BIG HAIR~~ YES!


Chars Ave said...

Michelle G * Yes ma'am. They are truly amazing. I will ONLY buy my caps from them. They are worth every penny!


Diva Locks said...

Wow they are big and they do look nice and thick

Chars Ave said...

Diva Locks * Yes ma'am!! They are all of that and more!! :) Please check them out! :)


Sadie said...

Haha those are cool, I love that they are reusable!

Chars Ave said...

Sadie * Aren't they cool!?!? I love them!!


UntrainedHairMom said...

I'm totally with you on preferring the shopping bags to the thin plastic caps, but these look really nice and durable.

Chars Ave said...

UntrainedHairMom * RIGHT!?!? The thin plastic caps are useless!! But these!?!?!? Oh my gosh!! Totally worth the money!!! If you go to her FB page, she's having a sale too!! :)


Shay said...

LOL @ Choca in that big ol hat. We always used plastic bags around here too!

Chars Ave said...

Shay * HAHAHA!! YES!! It's so big on her head... But, it's wonderful!! Gave her a great DC!! :) -- YEPPERS on the plastic bags!!! :)