Monday, April 9, 2012

Product Review: Butterfly Bakery

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Hey all,


So, I was given the PLEASURE (truly) of reviewing some goodies from THE BUTTERFLY BAKERY!

From The Website:

Butterfly Bakery is located in the Metro New York Area in Northern New Jersey.  Our factory is outfitted with state-of-the-art baking equipment and a dedicated team of employees who lovingly produce our delicious baked-from-scratch, SUGAR FREE and NO SUGAR ADDED baked goods.

We use only the finest ingredients and the freshest fruit nectars to sweeten and enhance the flavors of every product we bake for a more intense taste experience.  Everything from our muffins to our cookies to our cakes are the highest quality possible.  The kind of quality you can taste.  And of course, we wouldn't think of using preservatives. 

We're pretty proud of our SUGAR FREE and NO SUGAR ADDED line of products because they're lower in calories, carbohydrates and fat, but high in extraordinary taste and texture.   But the most wonderful thing is that you'll never know they're SUGAR FREE and NO SUGAR ADDED! In fact, we guarantee our quality...and your satisfaction.

My Review:

The products that I was given to try were:

Okay... When I tell you that these were the most DELICIOUS goodies I've ever had, I am NOT exaggerating!! The sweetness factor of both of these items was truly on the money.  The Double Chocolate Chip Muffins were EXTREMELY moist and thick and so very tasty!! My gosh... And the cookies?!?!? The Chocolate Chip Cookies were to die for!!! It's hard to explain how AMAZINGLY delightful these goodies were.  Also, they were SHIPPED to me through the mail, and didn't lose ANY of their taste or moistness!! Truly a great find!

I can't say ANYTHING negative about these amazing products, with the exception of, "I WISH THERE WAS MORE!!!" 
They are truly fantastic!

AND, to show how even MORE amazing this company is, they have provided me with a coupon to share with you all.  Do you Amazon?? If you do, this coupon will give you a discount on buying such deliciousness!! Don't hesitate to use it, folks!!


Also, for my SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA folks, these wonderful products can be found in Albertson's Grocery Store!! 

Please go to their WEBSITE, and make sure you "LIKE" their FACEBOOK and let them know I sent you!!! 

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Michelle G said...

So I shouldn't have read this tonight... on a night when I have a serious sweet tooth issue. This was like salt in the wound. LOL. Thanks for letting me know about this company though.

Chars Ave said...

Michelle G * Hehe!! Oh... GIRL!!! You need to totally try them... Satisfying your sweet tooth w/out all the added sugar... It's a great thing!! :) <3


Diva Locks said...

Ooooh yum I am going to try them out :) thanks for the coupon!

Chars Ave said...

Diva Locks * Awesome!! I know you'll love them!! :) You're more than welcome!!!


Shay said...

MMMMMM Chocolate chip cookies, so jealous! They look extra tasty especially for being gluten free!

Chars Ave said...

Shay * GIRL, they are so scrumptious!! You'd love them!! The babies would too!! :)


Melly, Yaya's Mom! said...

Ooo...That sounds so good right about now! LOL

Chars Ave said...

Melly * Girl, you better go on and get you some then! :)