Thursday, February 16, 2012

Product Review: nuNAAT Hair Care Products

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Hey all!

*~*nuNAAT Karite Special*~*
So, I was blessed with the opportunity to try these amazing nuNAAT products for a review. 

The products I used during this review were:

I used this product on BB for two weeks, in order to truly get the full effect of these products. 


Let's check out the process and the results:

So, I first used the Nourishing Shampoo.  It smells delightful, like a very light shea butter smell... So tantalizing... It's very creamy, but not too lathering, which I enjoyed.   

We then used the Reconstructive Conditioner. Again, a very soft, amazing smell... It has a very nice texture and really got in all of that hair that BB has:

Once we rinsed that out, we were able to finger comb through her hair w/no problem.  No tangles at all... Her hair was VERY shiny and extremely manageable!!

We then put on the Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.  This also has a FANTASTIC smell and a really creamy texture that sticks to the hair follicle.  It's not overpowering.

Once that was rinsed out and the excess water was squeezed out, I applied the Leave-In Detangler, and finger combed that through.  I then added the AntiFrizz Thermo Active (which is supposed to be used for blow drying and flat ironing, but worked GREAT to keep BB's hair from frizzing up after this process).

Voila!! DONE!

She was as happy as can be!!

I really enjoyed using this product on BB!! In the two weeks I used it on her hair, it kept her hair free from tangles, EXTREMELY shiny, and very bouncy!! The nuNAAT Hair Care Products worked truly well for her!

Now, last week, I decided to try my hand at these products... I hadn't done ANYTHING to my hair in over a month... It was up in an afro puff and covered for most of that time. 

I took it out of the afro puff and took pictures... No combing of any kind...

I then used the Nourishing Shampoo, and applied the Reconstructive Conditioner:

Once I rinsed that out, I applied the Deep Conditioning Hair Mask:

After not doing ANYTHING for my hair for a month, I was able to finger comb through my hair while Deep Conditioning it.  No comb needed... NO tangles in sight!!! WOW!

Once I rinsed this out, I applied the Leave-In Detangler and AntiFrizz Thermo Active, and twisted my hair, using my fingers... no comb to part.

How gorgeous, right??? Let's fast forward to today!!! I reapplied a very SMALL amount of Leave-In Detangler and AntiFrizz Thermo Active to my week old twists... Check it out:

Do you see that shine and definition??? All because of nuNAAT!! I'm in LOVE with this product for my hair!! 

On this review, I wanted to show you how this amazing product works on different types of hair textures.  As you can see, it's across the board amazing!

On a scale of one to five Choca's, I give this product:

I have absolutely NO complaints on this product!! NONE!! It's an amazing product that does what it says it's going to do!!

Please check out nuNaat on FACEBOOK and at their WEBSITE!  You won't be disappointed...

AND... Thanks to the WONDERFUL people at nuNAAT, make sure you look out for The Bunny Hop Giveaway (March 1st-March 8th) where I will be giving away a COMPLETE LINE of these products!!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, folks!!! 

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Shay said...

yalls hair looks great! i love the color and shapes of the bottles too

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Shay * Thank you!! Yes... From packaging to the actual product, this line is fantastic!! :)


Tav @ Goldilocks*n*Me said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaang! Both of your hair looks amazing! I have got to add this to my list!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Tav * Thanks, lady!!! YEEEEEEEEES!! My favorite product of all time for me!! I've NEVER had a product that did this for my hair... EVER!! <3


UntrainedHairMom said...

I agree, you're hair looks both do but it seems perfect for your hair.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

UntrainedHairMom * Thank you so much!! Yes ma'am!! I think I've found my fav thus far!! My hair LOVES it... So does CC's & my hubby's!! :) It works GREAT with our Kinky Coils!


Precious Henshaw said...

Great review! Both you and BB have beautiful curls!! I won a NuNAAT giveaway a while ago so I'm looking forward to the products!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Precious * Thank you!! I KNOW you'll enjoy it!!!! <3