Thursday, November 17, 2011

On The Avenue: Sponsor Spotlight!!!

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Hey all,

So, I wanted to give a BLOG shout out to one of my awesome sponsors for the upcoming Winter Wonderland Giveaway Event (December 1-6, 2011):

Ms. Angela Barnes Carter, Owner of Angela's KISS All Natural/Natural Hair & Skin Products
She is a truly wonderful person, with a big heart and a hand that has been touch and sculpted straight from the Lord himself.  Her products are amazing and she LOVES what she does!! :)

Please go by her website and check out her awesome ALL NATURAL products!  I had the pleasure of doing a twist out with her White Chocolate Scent All Natural Hair Moisturizing Cream, and I was in love, you hear me?!?!?

For the upcoming giveaway, one lucky winner will win:

(1) 8oz jar of the All Natural Moisturizing Hair Cream (White Chocolate) 
(1) 8oz bottle of Good For Your Hair Shampoo

That's a $28 value!!!

Angela's Kiss
Make sure you check her out, folks!!

Stay tuned for the Winter Wonderland Giveaway
December 1-6, 2011.  
Along with myself, many other bloggers will be a part of this shabang!! It's going to be amazing!!!

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Keep Watching, 



UntrainedHairMom said...

white chocolate? sounds amazing! I can't wait for all the giveaways!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

UntrainedHairMom * YES MA'AM!! It's smells as good as it sounds! :)

I can't wait either!! I'm so excited!!!


Michelle G said...

Supa Excited.

Diva Locks said...

I love to eat white chocolate so I will love to put it in my hair when I win ;)

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Michelle G * Me too! :~D


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Diva Locks * HAHA!! That's the spirit and the attitude to have!! WOOHOO!! You'll love it! :~D


Nikki's HairThoughts said...

Mmmmm...white chocolate sounds luscious for the hair

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Nikki's HairThoughts * I wish I could take scratch'n'sniff pics for you! It smells so good and works so well!


Jaki Dee said...

Oooweeee!! This is the GOOD stuff!!!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Jaki Dee * Okay!?!?!? Yummy!