Saturday, September 3, 2011

Melodies (A POEM)

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Hey all,

This is a poem I wrote for my husband a couple of years back.  It still stands true to this day!! I'm so in love... So in LOVE with him and I'm thankful to GOD for His amazing HANDS on our love!! I hope you enjoy!!


To have you is like a melody...
A beautiful harmonization of sweet, mellow, rich sounds traveling through my being...
Grabbing all of my attention.
Taking me away from all of the intense constraints that alter my physical.
Bringing me into my brilliance, gracefulness and alluring my mental.
The wonderful tone of you calling to the totality of my existence.
Your melodious inflections so full and rich of the essence.
Pulling me into your tranquility.
Drawing me into your redolence.
Caressing me with your compassion.
My desire empowers the rhythmic motions.
My heart has succumbed to the saturation of your song.
You are my melody.

Copyright © 2009

August 2011 <3
 I'm forever in love with my husband... My Earthy KING and ROCK!! Thanking GOD daily for his love and honor to me and his children!!! A blessing indeed!!

Keep Watching,



Micah said...

Dang, that's deep! I love you babe!

KeeKeeAllNatural said...

Wonderful Poem. Black Love & Marriage is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing ;-)

Charlotte said...

Micah * I love you too, babycakes! <3

Charlotte said...

KeeKeeAllNatural * Thank you! Yes, it's truly beautiful and amazing. I thank GOD for mine! :)


Tracey-BBH said...

I love it Char!!! So talented!!

Charlotte said...

Tracey-BBH * Awww, thank you Sis!! <3