Saturday, September 3, 2011

Char's Transitioning Hairstyles!! (Some Of Them, At Least)...

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Hey all,

So, I was going through some old pictures of mine, and found A LOT of different hairstyles I wore when I was in my transitioning state!! I figured...Why not share some of my MANY styles with my blog folks!?!?!? So, here we go...

I decided I wanted to be natural in 2008 (unsure of the month or date).  I was tired of perming my hair and it looking thin and wispy when I flat ironed it:

Me and my permed hair... Blah... You can TELL I loved the flat iron, huh?? :)
So, I started out with braids.  Oh, how I love braids... AND COLOR!! I am a color gal (When it comes to extensions... Can't do it on my own hair though)!! The braids helped me to get some growth and kept me from overmanipulating my hair:

My Chocolate Braids!! :) Whew... I love them so!! :)

Ahhhhhh!! I LIVE!!! I want this now... Hmm... May have to take a trip down memory lane on my head!!!
Red & Blonde... My favorite in braids!!!

RED... Yes, I'm a red fan!! <3
From the braids, I took a break and started messing with my hair again... I had some new growth and got some good length... But, I was STILL a new transitioner... Y'all, I saw that good growth and had to sport it:

A nice co-wash, blow dry, flat iron and crimped style... A lot of heat (with a heat protectant), but it was soooooo fly!!! Whew...

A nice co-wash, blow dry, flat iron and curling iron job... Yep... You can see the new growth... You can also see my RED hair.. (many don't know it's red) and my freckles across my nose... :) Yes, us Chocolate Sistas have freckles too! :)

THEN, I was like... Hmmm... WEAVE TIME!! :) I wanted a pretty much completely protected style to keep my hair covered. I ONLY do sew in weaves on myself (and others), so, I got to SEWING IN:

This hair was REALLY cheap and totally served its purpose.  All I had to do was wet mine in the front, gel it into the weave,
and it took on the pattern of it!! Mmmm... Love this one...

Yep... Had to put a little BLONDE in there!! This hair was a little different than the above pic, but it was just as good... It worked... Do I look angry in this pic?? I think I was
tired and snapped a pic of myself to see how I looked... I dig this pic though! :)

Now, I got this hair on clearance... And it's apparent... If I knew then what I know now, I would have put some perm rods or sponge rollers in it and made it work.  I only wore this for about 2 weeks.  I so hated it... :-/

THEN came the Kinky Twists (MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME!!!):

This was my FIRST time doing Kinky Twists on myself... Can you see WHY I LOVE them so much?? My goodness!! I'm such a fan... I want these back too! :)
And now... I'm free of perm and all natural, thanks to these hairstyles!!! I'm so happy that I'm able to do my own hair and know the good and bad of it all, you know?? :)

I hope you all enjoyed this blog!! I SURELY enjoyed going down memory lane with you all! :)


Also, share my blog on your FB, TWITTER, EMAIL, ETC!! Let the world know about a Sista!! :) I'd appreciate it!!

Thanks, all!

Keep Watching,



Precious @ said...

Love all the styles!!

Charlotte said...

Precious * Thank you doll! :)


Mama M said...

Charlotte, I **loved** this walk down memory lane! I have a number of friends and family who are transitioning - or at least thinking about it - and I will share this post! I love seeing so many different styles/looks (I think the kinky twists are my fave too, I looooove twists).

Charlotte said...

Mama M * Thank you!!! Please share it!! I appreciate that... And yes... I'm a TWIST FANATIC!! HAHA!! :) Love them!!

Thanks for the love,


Diva Locks said...

Very cool :)

Charlotte said...

Diva Locks * Thank you!! :)


Nikki said...

You look gorgeous with all these styles, but I love your hair now. Seriously, no one rocks a fro like you!

Charlotte said...

Nikki * Awwww, thank you! :-) <3


Baby Big Hair said...

ooowweee! styles were fiyah! and that red and blonde hair??!?! get it Char!

Charlotte said...

Baby Big Hair * Thank you!!! I've been through some styles, mami!! HAHAH!! I <3 the red/blonde though!! I was feeling myself with that one! :)


Upside Productions said...

LOL on clearance hair. I got a few of those pics. I want to see more pictures.

Charlotte said...

Upside Productions * HAHAHA!!! Yeah... I need to find some more pics!!! I'm combing my computer for more!! I have lots of them... Some good... Some SO NOT!! But, all me... I'll be doing a follow up to this blog sometime soon! :)


allthingscuteandgirly said...

Go head! Look at you working them mini braids! I like the Colors you had, too!

Charlotte said...

allthingscuteandgirly * THANK YOU GIRL!! I'm a little hot mama when I wanna be!! LOL :)