Thursday, September 1, 2011

Homeschooling: A NEW Math Site & A COOL Math Game We Play!!!

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Hey all,

I wanted to peek my head in here and tell you all real quick about PBS's Early Math site.  Choca and I were watching Curious George yesterday and a commercial came on for this site... I was excited because we were all on math yesterday during Choca's homeschooling session!

breaks it down into three age groups:

-- Infants & Toddlers
-- Pre K & K
-- Grades 1 & 2

In each section, it gives you info on that age group, where they should be at (their milestones), and GREAT activities that will help your children with their math skills!

We will be trying the site today, and I'll have a blog on how it works for us over here!! :)

We will also be doing what I call "Goldfish in a bowl" for a math lesson.  I put Goldfish crackers in a bowl, and we count them to see how much are in there...BEFORE she eats them! :) -- HAHA!

Goldfish in a bowl!! :)

I hope you all got some good tips from this blog!! :) Make sure to share your tips as well!!!

Comments?? Leave them here, folks!!

PLEASE spread the word about my blog folks!!! :) I'd appreciate it greatly!!

Keep Watching,



Shay said...

another thing you could do is use fruit loops or fruity cheerios for the same purpose except for you can call the color out as well!

Charlotte said...

Shay * MULTITASKING!! I <3 it!! :)We shall do that next week... AND, I will make sure to give you and your blog a shout out for the idea!! :) <3


Social Butterfly said...

This is a cool site. I will share it on my community FB page. and reference you.

Charlotte said...

Social Butterfly * THANK YOU!! I appreciate you referencing me with it!! And yes, it's a GREAT SITE!! :)

Thanks again,


Baby Big Hair said...

We LOVE to do Chex Mix, separate by type and them count. BBH has her whole class doing it now, smh...

Charlotte said...

Baby Big Hair * Picking up some Chex Mix!! Thank you!! :)