Sunday, August 28, 2011

Product Review: CLASH OF DESIGNS

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Hey all,

So, I wanted to come to you all today to give you a quick review on a new company called, "Clash Of Designs".  They are based off of facebook right now ( -- Check them out!!)

Anyway, I won a pair of earrings off of their site about a week ago.  They contacted me and asked me what colors I wanted in my earrings (I could choose up to three colors) and I gave them red, black and green (you all KNOW that's my favorite combination!!) -- Well, after the colors were given, I was contacted again stating the the red I wanted was not the one they had, and they suggested that yellow would be nice, and they could make it work. (See?? Most companies wouldn't let you know that they don't have the right stuff... they would just do it and if you like it, you like it and if you don't, you don't... not this company!) So, I went with the yellow...

Do you all know that I recieved my earrings yesterday and I AM IN LOVE!!! Okay?!?! My goodness! These earrings are VERY well made and look amazing.  They also hang VERY well on my ears!! -- You all KNOW I have some pictures!!!

Folks, I strongly urge you to go to her FB page and 'like' it... Once again, it's  Let her know Charlotte's Avenue sent you.  You truly won't be disappointed.  Her earrings range from $12.00 - $15.00 at this time, so jump on it!! :)

Keep Watching,



Tracey-BBH said...

Just beautiful!

Charlotte said...

Tracey-BBH -- Thank you!!!! I couldn't put across in words how beautiful these earrings are though!! My goodness!!!


Nikki said...

Those earrings are gorgeous and they fit you so well!

Charlotte said...

Nikki * Thank you, dollface!!! I agree... Nice and bright to go with my chocolate skin!! :) <3