Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Beaded Up Beauty!! --

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Hey all,

So, I decided to take a break from Choca's signature TWIST STYLE, and go back to what I used to do with her when she was a bit younger... BEADS!!

The finished product!! :)
What I used:

African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizer Lotion
Proclaim Emerald Bergamot Hair & Scalp Conditioner
Red, Black, Green and White Beads

I started on the back row, cornrowing her hair down into EIGHT cornrows.  I then put white 'heart shaped' beads on them. (using a black bead to close them off)

I then went up to the middle row and used the same process, cornrowing TWELVE cornrows, and putting the same white 'heart shaped' beads on those braids.  (using a black bead to close it off)

Whew... I'm getting there!!! Almost done... ALMOST!! :)
During this process, Choca wasn't the HAPPINESS camper.... She then went in her hair container, got a comb, took her doll and got to doing hair herself...

Whew!! Talk about a life saver!! HAHA!! This really helped my plight!!! :)
Alright... Now to the front... I cornrowed it into 17 cornrows, and gave her more of a colorful pattern to top the style off!! You all know me... Nothing plain about me and my style esthetic!! :) So, she was 'outfitted' with red, black, green and white beads to make the style complete!!

How cute is this style!?!?!? After it was all said and done, she was SOOOOOOOO happy!! She got to whippin' it back and forth and just enjoying EVERYTHING about this style!! She was extra pleased, and I was ecstatic because I was done! :)

Greatness!! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post.  If you have any questions in regards to it or anything else, please email me @!

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Keep Watching,



Tracey-BBH said...

Aww she is soooo cute! I love her hair! How long would you keep this in? Oh and is this a repurposed dress?

Shay said...

*runs off with choca in the wind* she is too dang cute! =)

Queen B said...

She's cute just like her auntie Charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

Queen B said...

She's cute just like her Aunti Charlotte! Love it!!!!!!

Charlotte said...

Tracey-BBH * Thank you!! :) It'll stay in for 2 weeks. I'll do an update and show you how good it STILL looks!! :) And this dress is a Vintage find... $1.99!! :)


Charlotte said...

Shay * LMBOOOOOOOOO!! HAHAHA!! GIMME BACK MY BABY! :) -- Thanks, mami!


Charlotte said...

Queen B * She surely is!! :) <3

Thanks, NT!!