Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Day Of School Style!!!

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Hey all,

So, the first day of school commenced this week!!! My daughters were super excited to enter into this new year of goodness, and I cried like a baby because they were going to school... Yes... Even at their ages, I miss them when they are gone...

So, I decided to get some cute pictures of them, their outfits, AND THEIR AMAZING HAIRSTYLES...before they went to school!!!

CC rocked her beautiful twists with a very cute headband (shout out to Dollar Tree)... She had a very cute Vintage shirt on with some lovely jeans and the cutest shoes!!

Too cute for her own good!

BB rocked her hair in some cornrows in the front with a ponytail and 'bang' in the back!! She wore a VERY cute Vintage Tee and some lovely jeans, with her cute shoes too!! :)

Alright now, BB!! :)
I then decided to put some collages together so that their hair would stand out and you all can see the loveliness that is their hair!! :)

CC's awesome twists!!!!

BB's awesome cornrowed elegance!
I really love that my daughters enjoy who they are and have confidence in who GOD made them to be. It makes me so happy as a Mommy!! :)

Now, we can't forget about the little homeschooler, who started school as well... :)

ABC time!!! :) HAHA!
It was a great first day of school and I look forward to what the school year brings!! :)

Hope you all enjoyed this quick little post!!!

Comments? -- Right on below!!! Les'Go!! LOL

Keep Watching,



Rory, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care said...

all sorts of adorableness!

Charlotte said...

Rory * Thank you!!! <3


Shay said...

you have beautiful girls =)

Charlotte said...

Shay * Thank you, lovely one!! :)


candygrl.sosweet13 said...

whats your etsy account name because i cant find you and i lovee the hair accessories you do ecspecially with frohawks :D

Charlotte said...

candygrl.sosweet13 * Thank you!! It's Pakaia... But there is nothing on it as of yet!!! I'll keep you all posted as to when I TRULY open up!! Thanks!! :)