Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Mini Twists

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Hey all,

So, I FINALLY did my mini twists!! It took about three hours to do, and I love them...

Products I used:
Proclaim Emerald Bergamot Hair & Scalp Conditioner
TEACOIL (my special mixture)
-  Tea Tree Conditioner
- VO5 Tea Therapy Conditioner
- Natural 7 Oil
- Corn Oil
- Tea Tree Leave In Conditioner
- Water
Red, Black & Green Beads
Perm Rods

So, I basically sprayed my entire head with water first... I then parted my hair and got to twisting... I sprayed my hair with my TEACOIL, greased my scalp with my Emerald Bergamot and got to twisting... After it was all twisted, I put my beads on my braids I put on either side and VOILA... DONE!!! :) - The process took about three hours from beginning to end. 

Pictures: (this section of pictures I took myself, so please excuse the awkwardness of them...)

So, I'm starting... The good ole back!! LOL...

Now we're talking!! :) Getting the look I'm looking for!!!

My beaded sides and my rollers for that extra PIZAZZ on the ends....Yes... I'm tired...

My rollers...

Top shot...

So... The finished product: (I pinned it back on either side w/bobby pins for Church on Sunday... I wanted a little funkiness in the top!!) -- On Monday, I just let it go free!!! I love the VERSATILITY of Natural Hair, folks!

So, there you go... I really am enjoying my mini twists...I roll up my ends every night by just grabbing a bunch of the twists and rolling (lazy perhaps???), and I put my satin bonnet on... No harm, no fuss... I spray it each morning with a bit of water and my TEACOIL.

 I will be making them SMALLER soon and of course posting pictures of that... I was looking at my oldest's mini twists that she did and I was like, "WOW... I'm loving the extra fullness she has... Imma have to do mine smaller!!" -- So, look out for that!!! I plan on doing a video to show how I do them (don't hold me to that though)!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog... If you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to let me know!!!

Thanks so much for the love, folks!! Make sure to spread the word about my blog!! :)

Keep Watching,



Moderne Meid said...

Your twists look great and I love the beads! How long do you usually keep them in for?

Charlotte said...

Moderne Meid * Thanks, dollface!!! I am going to keep them in for a month, then I will be redoing them! :)

Rory, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care said...

love the rolled ends, we haven't tried that yet! :-)

Goldilocks*n*Me said...

I like how your post your own hairstyles too, along with your little one (that pretty baby!) Sometimes I have to remember that I have hair too, lol!

Charlotte said...

Rory * Thank you!!! I'm sure Boo will ROCK IT LIKE NO OTHER!! When you try it, please post pictures!! I'm thinking of rolling up Choca's ends and seeing how it looks! :)

Thanks for following my blog, dollface!!


Charlotte said...

G*N*Me * YES!! Your hair is GORGEOUS!! I'm sure you can do some awesome styles with it!! I'd love to see some of the amazing styles you do with your mane!! :)

Thank you for following my blog! I appreciate it!


Baby Big Hair said...

You are just FAB, OK?!?!

Charlotte said...

Big Baby Hair * Why THANK YOU!! I'm simply a reflection of all of you beautiful ladies!! :)