Thursday, June 30, 2011

My First Braid Out...

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Hey all,

Okay... This post is late... However, in going over my blog entries, I stated (a while ago) that I would show you pictures of my braid out... GOOD OR BAD... Well, here goes:

As you can see, I LOVED it!! (to see the way I braided it in order to do this style, please check out my blog entry:

I couldn't believe it came out so awesome!! I'm a NEW FAN of Braid Outs and the bounce that it gave my hair!!! TRY IT FOLKS!!!

Thanks for the love and support I get on this blog!! Remember to spread the word about my blog!! Tell your friends, loved ones, etc!!

If you have questions, comments... Don't hesitate to let me know!! I'm here for ya!! :)

Keep Watching,



Nikki said...

Oh my hair goodness! How beautiful is that braid out? I'm normally not a fan of them, I prefer a twist out, but this is gorgeous!

Charlotte said...

Ms. Nikki * Thank you so much!! You know, I was not a fan of them either until I did this one!! I love a good twist out too, girl!! However, this one did it for me! :)

Thanks for following my blog!! :)