Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today was WASH DAY... Children's HAIR WASH DAY! :)

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Hey all!!

So, today, I decided to wash ALL THREE of my daughters hair... I washed and conditioned it and combed it... I DO have a headache now, and I'm tired, but they are all fresh and clean and good for some weeks!!

What I used:

To wash their hair: I used Tea Tree conditioner to 'co-wash' their hair.
To condition their hair: I used Tresemme conditioner to condition it.

I then dried it all nice and mixed together:
Tea Tree Conditioner
Tresemme Conditioner
Olive Miracles Growth Oil (all natural... Unsure why it's called growth oil)

I mixed all that together in a bottle (about 2-3 tablespoons a piece of everything and then finished it off with water to the top of the spray bottle), and one by one, I did their hair...


My oldest...

I twisted her up... She has about 75 twists on her head.  The concoction that I put together worked WONDERS on her hair... I'd had her doing it herself for about 2 months and when I got in it today BEFORE I washed it, it was a HOT mess...Looked like dreads!! -- Y'all, I put that deliciousness in her head and it softened it RIGHT UP and made it so very easy to manage:

My middle one...

So, I had been letting her do her own hair as well for the past 2 months!! HA... Her hair looked like a birds nest in the center back area... SMH... I put that lovely goody in her hair and IT was so easy to comb through.  Don't let her texture fool you folks!! It's hard to get through that stuff!!!!

My youngest...

Now, you all know that I'm always in her head!!! So, it was really simple!! Today, I just decided to give her a side fro... Put a couple of hair combs on the side and a butterfly ornament at the top!! She was happy, I was happy and after doing the the other girls' hair, I was TI-RED!!!

Overall, the day was good!! They look great, they feel great and I'm happy that I'm good on it for a while!! Will I go back to letting the older two do their hair??? SURE WILL!! HAHA... They have to learn somehow... I give them the products to use and they... Well... They're a teenager and a pre-teen... So, that should tell you something!!! LOLOL

*DISCLAIMER* -- Before using these products on yourself or your children, make sure they are GOOD for their hair.  Make sure that they help in moisturizing their hair.  If they don't, DO NOT USE THEM!!! NO one wants to walk around with a dry rug on their head, you know???

Thanks for reading, folks!! Make sure to tell your friends about the blog and get me some more followers!! :)

Keep watching,



Ruby said...

All 3 heads at once???? Whew! Bless you mama! Someone get this woman a cup of chamomile tea, stat! LOL

Your ladies look lovely! And kudos to you for creating/using products to keep their hair healthy and even reset the tendrils of your older two... :)

Charlotte said...

Ruby * Girl, thank you!! IT took FOREVER and I'm tired, but it was worth it to see them nice and clean and combed through!! :)

I do have some pomegranate tea that I'm sippin' on as we speak!!

Thanks for the comment, Sis!!


Pruddygurl said...

Love this post and love this site Queen Charlotte! Hope you got some rest today! The Girls look fabulous!

Charlotte said...

Pruddygurl * Thank you, doll!! I'm glad you like the site and I hope I can keep you watching! :) AND, thank you for the compliment on my loves!! :) <3