Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black Children's Hair... What to use!?!?!

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Hey all!

The other day, I was asked what I use on my youngest daughters hair to keep it so shiny and healthy.  The answer is: Different things!! Depending upon the weather, etc, I change it up.  However, there is ONE thing that is a MUST for her: TEA TREE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER!! Folks, hear me...It works GREAT!! It makes her hair soft and extremely easy to manage.  Her hair is in very good condition and she actually ENJOYS getting it done. 

Pictures (Now, I can't BELIEVE I have to say this but... DO NOT STEAL MY PICTURES...):

In each one of these pictures, WATER and Tea Tree Leave In Conditioner (Proclaim brand from Sally's... about $3.00) was used to make her hair soft and easy to manage.  I also use Olive Miracle brand products on her... Their moisturizing lotion is AMAZING for her hair... Also, they have a growth oil that I put on MAYBE once every two weeks or so.  AFRICAN PRIDE grease... Yes, I STILL use grease on our hair!! LOL... It works amazing for her... A nice greased scalp help her hair stay conditioned and prevents breakage.  I grease her scalp every two weeks as well. 

When it comes to our hair, ESPECIALLY the babies, it's nice to have a good regimen for them... AND make sure the stuff that is used is something they aren't allergic to... That's VERY VERY VERY important.  And PLEASE try different things for your childrenl  Just because it works for some doesn't mean it'll work for ALL! :) -- Everyone is different. 

*Also, PLEASE go back to the beginning of my blog and check out my TRESCORN mix! It works wonders, folks!*
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, folks.  If you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to ask.  Don't hesitate!! :)

Keep Watching,



Once Upon a Curl said...

Okay, so th next time i twist Tye's hair, i'm going to have to add, some different beads with a shell at the end..

Charlotte said...

Once Upon A Curl * Beads and cowry shells are a beautiful touch to twists!! I <3 mixing them up like that. :)


Jo Somebody said...

What a beautiful little girl! And she has wonderful, thick, beautifully kinky hair like mine! :-D

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Jo Somebody * Thank you!! Nothing like OUR hair, Queen!! SO beautiful!


Michelle G said...

I still will grease a scalp too. I don't use what I used to but when Des was Choca's age we stayed on the AP Miracle Gro with the sticks and stuff, LOL. And you know I still keep some on hand. Des' hair has changed since she was little and so has her hair's needs. Choca's beautiful.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Michelle G * Thank you, Sis!! YES!! Grease is a good thang... Some may be against it... But, different cultures do different things. I know what has worked for my great grandmother who lived to be 105... My grandmother who lived to be 100 and countless other family members who have used grease with no problem. I don't follow fads, nor do I hold on to uneducated guesses when it comes to products... I do my own research and use what works for me. I'm glad you're the same way!! :) <3