Friday, May 11, 2012

Product Review: Beija-Flor Naturals

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Hey all!!



I was contacted by this amazing company to review a couple of their products.  Of course I obliged, because I had heard so many good things about them!

The products I was asked to review were:




Beija-Flor Naturals is a vegan/vegetarian bodycare line with luxurious treats that promote healthy skin and hair. For years, the Beija-Flor Naturals mixtress has experimented with natural health and beauty remedies as an alternative to mainstream products. The raw materials used are influenced by her life experience and travels, especially the nutrient rich extracts of South America and Africa. Beija-Flor Naturals vows to provide quality natural products handmade,customized and made to order with love in California.


The main ingredients in even the priciest store bought products include harmful petro-chemicals and other yuckie stuff that is used as low-quality fillers-read your product labels! Healing herbs, oils, butters and vegetable extracts have proven to be the best solution for virtually all skin and hair ailments as they work with body’s natural chemistry. Our vegan/vegetarian products are free of harmful petro-chemicals, made from raw vegetable based ingredients, preserved naturally, following FDA standards, and kind to your body and pocketbook.
When I opened the containers, I was enthralled by the lovely fragrance of each product.  The smell is NOT overwhelming, but it's VERY delicious.  When I was using it on Choca, it smelled like a bakery in here!! BB and CC kept coming out here talking about how AMAZING the products smelled... Even Choca was putting her fingers in the containers so she could use it as lotion (WHICH IS QUITE ALRIGHT)!! 
The texture of these products is a thick consistency... However, it's not so thick that it didn't melt into Choca's hair.  Once I rub it into her hair, or into my hands before putting it on her hair, it softened her hair right up and melted right into it after about 3 minutes... Which is GREAT for our texture hair.  
This product brought out Choca's amazing hair texture. Her hair is VERY curly, and this product was able to focus on HER texture and bring out her curls like NONE OTHER!! Choca's hair texture has been changing lately... So, it was nice to see her curls POPPIN' with these lovely products. 
Look at how awesome those twists look with this product...

Looking even better... AND, the twists are nice and plump!
Check that out??!?! WE LOVE SHRINKAGE... :) 

Do you see how amazing her twists look with this product??? I'm in love thus far!!! 
DAY 3:
So... She's had the product in her hair for 3 days... This morning when she woke up, I sprayed her hair down with water and put some of the above products in her hair... 
Check it out:

It's still JUST as beautiful, if not better!!! 
On a scale of 1 to 5 Choca's... with 5 being the best, I give this product:
Pros: This product is ALL natural and works amazing on Choca's hair.  It isn't too fragrant, but it does smell amazing.  A little goes a LONG way!
Cons: There are no cons!
Please make sure you check out their FACEBOOK, and make sure you take a look at their WEBSITE to see what other AMAZING products that they offer!! You won't be disappointed!
ALSO... keep a look out for our GIVEAWAY of some of these amazing products coming up SOONER than you think!! :) 
Comments: Leave them here! :) 
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Shay said...

I'm loving this! Her twist look so fantastic!

UntrainedHairMom said...

Her twists look great, then again they always do :) I love their mango butter cream, I use that for myself. They do smell great too.

Chars Ave said...

Shay * Thank you!! :) I think you'll LOVE these products!


Chars Ave said...

UntrainedHairMom * Thank you much!!! :) Yes... BOTH of these products would work well for hand creams or body creams!!! I'm all for it!! :O) And yes... the smell is heavenly!


Melly, Yaya's Mom! said...

Her twist look beautiful!

La Shauna said...

Choca and her beautiful twist

Precious Henshaw said...

Woww, her twists look luscious!! Great review!

Chars Ave said...

Melly, Yaya's Mom * Thank you darlin'!


Chars Ave said...

La Shauna * Yes ma'am... there she is!! Thanks! :)


Chars Ave said...

Precious * Thank you so much!! This product is keeping her twists nice and plump... like cooked ballpark franks! LMBO!! Thank you again!


My Baby Girls Curls said...

I want some, I want some! As always Choca's twists are so cute! :) I love shrinkage too, its so deceiving! I'll be keeping my eyes open for the giveaway :)

Once Upon a Curl said...

have i ever said how i love your review numbering :o)

great review i've heard great things about them too

Tav @ Goldilocks*n*Me said...

I just love Choca's twists, so any product that keeps them looking lovely is ok in my book! Is it wrong that I wanna try it just to smell it! I want our hair to smell like a bakery too! Adding the creme brulee to my list for sure!

Diva Locks said...

Her twists look great!!! :)

Chars Ave said...

My Baby Girls Curls * Thank you so much!! Make sure you enter my giveaway! :)

Thanks on the compliment on Choca's Twists as well!! :) And yes... Shrinkage is AMAZING!! :)


Chars Ave said...

Once Upon a Curl * Thank you! :) They have amazing products!


Chars Ave said...

Tav * Thank you mamas! :) And no... It's not wrong... I do open it ever so often just to smell it as well... it's delightfuL! :)


Chars Ave said...

Diva Locks * Thank you! :)


KGilbert said...

Her hair looks gorgeous!!!

Chars Ave said...

KGilbert * Thank you!!! I love this product for her hair! :)