Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Homeschooling MY Way!!!!

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Hey all!!

So yesterday, I was reading in magazine that when a child is under the age of 2, it's IMPERATIVE to NOT let them watch any type of television... not even DVD's!! They state that this will hinder the child and the child's learning capacity.

Let's rewind...

I've been Homeschooling Choca since birth... Reading to her daily, doing flash cards of ABC's, 123's, shapes, colors, etc... I've also made it a point to let her WATCH (ON TV... WHO KNEW?!?!) Educational Shows (Sign Language, ABC/123, Math, English, Science, etc)... ALSO, we have several field trips a week in which we visit libraries, aquariums, parks, schools, grocery stores, etc...

Now, Choca is 2 years old (2.8 years for those who do that...). She's FLUENT in American Sign Language, reads, writes (knows how to write SEVERAL of her letters), spells words and knows what they are, knows all of her shapes and numbers AND knows math...Not to mention she speaks in COMPLETE sentences (using big words here and there in the right context...surprising even ME!) She can also help me cook certain meals because of her understanding of fractions (still working on those!!!)

We went to the doctor on Monday... The doctor looks at her and says, "Hello... MY name is Dr. ______! What's your name? Choca gives her name, and shakes the Docs hand.  The doctor smiles.  She then says, "How old are you, sweetie? Choca says, "I'm 2 years old.  How old are you, Doctor??" The doctor gives her age.  She then looks at me and says, "Soooo... Is she really 2?? Oooor...." I state that she's two.  She then says, "WOW!! And she talks so clearly?!?!? That's amazing. She speaks and carries herself as if she is four or five!" 


As you can see, JUST because someone states that one way is the ONLY way doesn't mean that it's true.  Choca learned all that she does because of the help of television, and a family that is close-knit and willing to keep at it with her in order to keep her on track.

Oh... And she's a little fashionista!! LOL :)

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Michelle G said...

I feel like you do that given the right programming TV can be a definite aid in trying to help teach our little ones. Of course we can not use it as a babysitter or allow them to watch "mindless" television and expect great results.

Charlotte Smith said...

Michelle G * YES YES YES!! That's 100% correct. It's NOT a babysitter by any means... However, with the RIGHT programming (we chose what fits into our homeschooling curriculum), it can be a GREAT aid in helping our babies learn!!!


JenJen said...

I have a 2 year old also and I'm also a licensed teacher. We all know that crap in is crap out. If you are choosing good educational programs then who cares. It's the people who use the TV as a babysitter instead of interacting with their children. You don't have to be well educated to raise a smart kid. If all you can do is read to your child do it everyday with passion. Now, since I'm a teacher my son does letter recognition, numbers, colors and shapes. I have started with him using my husband's ipad to write letters and sight words. He loves it, but education is our life so my son is surrounded by educational things and I let him watch educational programs on PBS and Sprout. Good for you for working with your children and sticking up for what you believe.

Charlotte Smith said...

JenJen * Yes ma'am!! Love it!!! Thank you much!!

Choca knows how to use the computer too... She's capable of turning it on... putting in her password, and typing up sentences (some make sense, some don't... LOL) But, she tries!!! I started all of the 'teacher tools' (as my teacher friends call it) with Choca when she was a wee little thing. It's imperative to be a HUGE part of your child's schooling, whether you're a teacher or not... Yaaaaay for you doing what you do with your son!!! :)


Diva Locks said...

What a great post, I know 3-4 year old who can't speak clearly yet their parents think they are just fine : /

Charlotte Smith said...

Diva Locks * Thank you so much!! It's such a blessing to know that I can and have helped my children to get to where they are intellectually at such a young age... It's very rewarding to see!! :)


Katherine Phillips said...

Your baby girl is so smart. I did just about everything you did except the sign language. Which I kind of wish I had done. Tv isn't a problem as long as parents take advantage of as many teaching moments as possible. School isn't the same anymore now they basically expect kids to come in knowing most things. I loved teaching my kids and spending that time with them. My husband and I weren't one of those oh the school will teach them parents. I am finding out that there is a lot the school isn't teaching them that if we don't teach them they will never know.

Charlotte Smith said...

Katherine * Thank you very much!!! That's good!! It's NEVER to late to learn Sign Language!!! AND, it's a great way for them to express themselves.. at whatever age!! :) -- I agree w/you and your husband wholeheartedly!! We don't believe school is how it used to be. Teachers are more concerned with their money than the children and teaching them. AND... they don't get around to teaching them ALL they need to know... So it's imperative for parents to homeschool and unschool their children!!!! I'm a HUGE advocate of teaching a child at home, even if they go to school!! Keep it going... Keep the learning flowing!! :)


Precious Henshaw said...

Great post Char! When I was little some of my favorite TV shows were Barney and Sesame Street. I was also reading and writing before age 3. I think there's nothing wrong with television for children as long as it is educational as it was in my case!

Charlotte Smith said...

Precious * Thanks, mami!! And yes!!! I agree!! I love that YOU are a living witness to it!! :) Yaaaaaay!