Thursday, February 23, 2012

Product Review: It's Perfectly Natural Healthy Hair Care

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Hey all, 


So, I was given the AWESOME opportunity of reviewing SEVERAL products from Ms. Denise over at It's Perfectly Natural Healthy Hair Care

What the site states:

No Sulfates, No Parabens, Dyes, Whipping Or Harsh Chemicals

At It's Perfectly Natural we try to stay as close to nature as possible so we never use harsh ingredients that will strip your hair of moisture or nutrients. We do not "whip" our products with air during processing so what you get is thick, rich healthy hair products that will help you to cleanse, condition, grow and moisturize your natural hair.

The products I was given to review:

Naturcleanse Shampoo

Lovin' My Coils Deep Conditioner
Turn Me Loose Leave-In
Tea-lightful Hair Quencher
Basil Lemongrass Conditioning Creme

For this review, my hair models are Miss CC & Miss Choca. 

CC decided she wanted to shampoo and condition her hair.  

CC's hair BEFORE the shampoo/condition session.
So, she used the Naturcleanse Shampoo first... She enjoy the way it really engulfed her hair and got all in those curls of hers....and the smell made it even better.  It's really light, but very pleasant. 

She then used the Lovin' My Coils Deep Conditioner.  She put it on her head with a heavy hand, and worked it through her hair.  She enjoyed how she was able to get her fingers through her hair and detangle it without using a comb, because this product helped her in that department.

CC's GORGEOUS curls with the Lovin' My Coils Deep Conditioner.
She kept in on her hair for about 20 minutes, massaging it in and detangling it... She then rinsed it out and this was the texture of her hair after this session:

Gorgeous, right?!?! 
Next, Miss Choca!!

After 5 1/2 weeks with the same twists, I wanted to try these products to see if they would keep her twists looking fresh and NEW... Well, THEY DID!!

First, I used the Turn Me Loose Leave-In to get some good moisture in Choca's twists... It softened her hair and had her curls poppin'... I then sprayed on the Tea-lightful Hair Quencher.  Her hair came ALIVE, okay!?!? The shine, the bounce, the CURLS... Her hair bathed in it and loved every swish of it! :) After applying that, I used about a quarter sized amount of the Basil Lemongrass Conditioning Creme. It's a bit condensed, so I rubbed my hands together to soften it and warm it up a bit.  I then put it on her hair... Can we say GORGEOUS???

Her hair is so shiny, and so curly!!! My goodness!! These products TRULY brought out her curl pattern and renewed her twists!!! I'm sold! :) 

On a scale of one to five Choca's... I give this product:

This product is fantastic.  With light refreshing scents, this product is a delight all the way around!! 

Please check out It's Perfectly Natural Healthy Hair Care on FACEBOOK, like them, and let them know I sent you!! You won't be disappointed!!

Also, don't forget to check out their WEBSITE!

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Precious Henshaw said...

Great review! I can't wait to try these out too :) Both CC and Choca's hair look wonderful!!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Precious * Thank you!! YES!! Your hair will embrace these products like a loving couple!! LOL... Seriously!!


JenJen said...

I use It's Perfectly Natural root food and I love it! It really helped my edges. Great review.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

JenJen * Thanks!! Yes... They have a GREAT line! :)


Michelle G said...

Great review... I love the products we have from It's Perfectly Natural. I find myself spraying the Turn Me Loose on so that I can smell like it throughout the day and the Root Food kept Des' mini braids looking great for 6 weeks.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Michelle G * Thank you!! Yes... I'm a HUGE fan of It's Perfectly Natural!! Everything was fantastic!! I need to get some Root Food and work it out too!! :)


IntermittentBabbling HairThoughts said...

The girls' hair looks amazing! Gonna have to add these line on my "to try" list!

UntrainedHairMom said...

CCs hair looks gorgeous with IPN...and Chocas twists are stunning as always

Charlotte's Avenue said...

UntrainedHairMom * Thank you doll! :)