Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Product Review: Wisely Made

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Hey all!!



The Mission Statement From Wisely Made:


The goal of Wisely Made is simple, but profound: to help men and women restore and maintain their bodies to as close to a state of natural ‘perfection’ as possible. To further that goal, we have dedicated ourselves to educating our customers and the public-at-large to the benefits of using natural hair and skin care products for health and beauty as part of a program for overall wellness...and to create luxurious, but quality affordable products they will love to use.

The centerpiece of our dedication to natural health and beauty is integrity. We are committed to maintaining our reputation for high quality natural hair and skin care products and using only the best natural ingredients available in our manufacturing process. This is the essence of our company name, ‘Wisely Made.’

And it is in this spirit of excellence that we plan to establish relationships with consumers that extend beyond that of buyer/seller. We seek to build a worldwide community of health-conscious individuals who trust in us to help them achieve their wellness and beauty goals naturally.

We hope you’ll join our ‘movement.’

Best wishes for a lifetime of health and beauty,



I was given the opportunity to try these products by the owner, Ms. Fabiola (WHO IS FABULOUS!!!)!  The items came in a cute little package:

Everything was wrapped really nice.  I decided to use BB as the hair model for this product. Being that it's wintertime, I was curious to see how this product would fair in the cold weather... 

Now, on to the review:

BB's hair before any product was put on:

The shampoo has a VERY strong smell.  It took me a little time to get used to, because I am not used to shampoo that is so strong... However, the smell wasn't unpleasant.  The shampoo is very silky to the touch.  BB washed her hair (it lathered up wonderfully).

She loved the way it cleansed her hair without stripping it of all its natural oils (That TRULY makes a difference, folks)!!

The conditioner has a very pungent smell as well. It has a very silky/creamy texture and coated BB's hair very well. 

Now, after she rinsed this out... I must say... Her hair was AMAZING.  It was soooooooooo easy to finger comb through her hair.  You all know I'm not huge on using combs on our hair... and this product worked VERY well for what I like to do!

The lemongrass and the tea tree oil in this product gives it a very special smell.  It's a great mixture.  BB decided to rub the pomade on her palms and massage it through her hair. She then gave her hair a quick style so she could go out and about:

This product gave her hair a very high sheen, and kept it manageable as well.

Another style we did with the hair pomade during this three week time span was a style with Curlformers.  We used the hair pomade as the 'grease' of sorts before putting the Curlformers on:

We then decided to RESURRECT her hair... 

This product has a purple color to it (LOL... It got all over BB's white tank top...)... It has a strong smell as well, but not overpowering. 

We used a blow dryer to heat this up for about 15 minutes (per the directions), and it did indeed revive her hair...

Video of the last day of use:

So, from one to five Choca's, with five being the best, I give this product:

Pros: The product does what it says it is going to do.  It is GREAT on your hair and after three weeks of use, BB's hair is in AMAZING condition.

Cons: The smell may be too strong for some...

I hope you all enjoyed this review.  Don't forget to check out Wisely Made on FACEBOOK and on their WEBSITE.  They truly have great products, and if you're looking for a product that is true to their word, this is definitely that product!

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Comments: Leave them here! :) 

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Diva Locks said...

I love her little style, so cute! Yes The smell is strong but I kinda like it :) It is very woodsy, earthy smelling. Her hair looks fantasic after the washing and conditioning, great review!

NaturalHairLatina said...

Great review, would love to try the products. Thanks for sharing

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Diva Locks * Thank you, ma!! Yes... Very Earthy... VERY WOODSY!! Great way to describe it!! :) -- Thank you so much!


Charlotte's Avenue said...

NaturalHairLatina * Thank you!! Her products TRULY do as they state!! They work VERY well!


Michelle G said...

I would love to try these products on my hair as much as Des, the ingredients are definitely geared to a healthy scalp and hair. The review sounds great and BB's hair looks wonderful.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Michelle G * The products are truly amazing. They work very well. BB's scalp and hair looks great and very healthy. I think you'd enjoy them.


Baby Big Hair said...

O_O!! Omgaaaaaa! SERIOUSLY!!?! Her hair looks amazing!! You had me at the packaging..

Tav @ Goldilocks*n*Me said...

Quick question, does the smell go away or linger? They did an amazing job on BB's hair...

Edrmain said...

Awesome review. I'm trying to grow locks and I've been using the Shampoo and Conditioner for the last 4 months and it really does what it says. Whenever I go to my barber he always ask what do I put in my hair.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Baby Big Hair * Thank you, mami!! :) Yes... The packaging is ADORABLE!! :)


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Tav * Thank you!!! The smell of the pomade does linger... But, it lingers like the smell of African Pride grease...


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Edrmain * YES!!! That's awesome!! I'm glad it's true to form with you as well! :) My hubby has started his locs again and I'm thinking of incorporating the pomade in his regimen! :)

Thanks for commenting!


Katherine Phillips said...

Her hair looks great!!!