Thursday, December 8, 2011

Product Review: Little Penguins!

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Hey all!!

So, I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of getting my hands on some of the Little Penguins Online hair products!! I had heard so many GREAT things about their products, and I wanted to try them on Choca for myself to see if they were as awesome as I heard they were.

With ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS, you'd think it was awesome, right???

Let's delve in!!

Choca's hair started like this:

Now, for those who know me, you know that I co-wash her hair in twists, because it's so much easier for the detangling process. 

Now, I wet Choca's hair and put on the Little Penguins Vanilla Bean Smoothie as a quick Deep Conditioning treatment.  

It's a very nice consistency!! Not too thick, but thick enough to get into Choca's hair!!

I let her walk around, after I massaged it through her hair for about 5 minutes. 

Quick Length Check!!

She was TOTALLY unhappy when she knew it was about to be rinsed! She cannot stand that part of her hair being done. 

So, I rinsed it out:

Poor PunkinChunkin!
I then used the Little Penguins Fresh Cream to help in the detangling process.  Let me tell you... This product did what it said it would do.  As you all know, I do NOT use a comb in Choca's hair.  SO, with finger detangling, it can take longer than it would with a comb... but, that doesn't bother me.  With this product, it had her hair silky smooth and the detangling process went VERY quickly!!

Sorry for the blur... Shaky hands are wack!!! But, you can see the thickness of this, and it's so smooth too!

Then, I got to twisting.  To twist her hair, I used the Little Penguins Organic Mango Pom & the Little Penguins  Sweet Cream Butter!! The mixture of these two products together smell heavenly (LIKE HONEYSUCKLE) and made the twisting process very simple

There goes that shaky hand again... Sorry. 

Look at that texture:

After I finished her twists, I used the Little Penguins Ella Jelly to rub over her hair for that much more added moisture.  LOVE IT!!

The Finished Product:

Yep... She loves ALL the products!! :) 
Please check out the Little Penguins website HERE and take a look at all of their amazing products!  I'm sure you'll find something that fits whatever you are looking for!!

Also, check them out on Facebook HERE, and let them know that Charlotte's Avenue & Choca sent you!!! 

They are truly amazing people with an amazing product!! 

On a scale of 1-5 Chocas (one being the least, 5 being the best), I give this product:


I hope you all find this review helpful!!

Also, I will be having a giveaway of a couple of Little Penguins products starting TONIGHT!!!! So, come on back to the blog to get your entries in!!

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*All of the words expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.*


Michelle G said...

So love the pics and review just makes me want to try these products even more. And that Choca Scale is great, I can never get enough of Choca so I am glad this got a 5 out of 5 Chocas cause the more Chocas that better.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Michelle G * Thank you so much!!! I <3 the scale as well. My husband suggested I do that for all of the product reviews!! :) I love it too!! :)

Yes, the products are amazing, Sis!!! I truly love them. Look out for the giveaway tonight! :)


Dawn said...

WOW! I absolutely LOVE this review!! I've been looknig at Little Penguins for a while....but afraid it would be another product disappointment.
Thank you!

Diva Locks said...

I love her little sad face :) These products sound great! Nice review :)

Precious @ said...

Love that scale! Great product review!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Dawn * I'm glad!! Their products are truly amazing. I am skeptical of new products as well, but this product is FANTASTIC!! You won't be disappointed!!!

Thanks for commenting!!


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Diva Locks * Hehehe!! Thank you!! She was trying to give the thumbs down too!! HAHA!! :)

Thanks for your comment, ma!


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Precious * Thank you so much!!! I wanted to be different, via my hubby!!HAHA!! Thanks!!


Goldilocks*n*Me said...

I love how she's hugging the products! She knows she's git a good thing! I really want to try that pom!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Goldilocks*n*Me -- She truly loves them!!! Look out for the giveaway. There is some pom in there! :)


UntrainedHairMom said...

Hehehe... how cute...I really enjoyed this review and all the Choca photos. The produucts sound nice!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

UntrainedHairMom * Hehehe!! Thanks!! :) They are really nice, ma!! Truly!


JenJen said...

At least she is smiling in the end. Very cute.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

JenJen * At least she's smiling at the end... I so agree with you!! :) Thank you!


IntermittentBabbling HairThoughts said...

Five Chocas! I love it--great review, Char. Choca's hair looks great!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

IntermittentBabbling HairThoughts * Thank you so much!! I TRULY love this product!! It's awesome! :)