Friday, November 18, 2011

Lasagna & Garlic Flat Bread?? Yes, Please!!

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Hey all,

So, since my husband is a Veteran of the United States Naval Seabees (WOOT WOOT), I had asked him what he wanted on Veteran's Day.  He requested Lasagna.  I was like, "Oh, cool!! I gotchu babycakes!" -- So... That was like TWO weeks ago...

Fast forward to Veteran's Day... I completely forgot to get the rest of the ingredients for the Lasagna! It was a really cold and rainy day and I wasn't trying to take myself and the girls out into that... So, I figured I'd make chicken instead...

At around noon, my hubby calls on his lunch break and says, "Whew... Can't wait for that Lasagna tonight!!" -- O_o <~~~~ Yeah... That was my face!! HAHA!! So, I sat in my thinking chair to think...and think... and thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink!! (Shout out to Blues Clues)....

I went into the refrigerator and searched that bad boy... This is what I found:

-Ricotta Cheese
-Cheddar/Monterey Jack Cheese Mix
-Smoked Sausage
-Green Olives w/Pimentos 
-V8 Juice
-Ground Beef
-Lasagna Noodles

So... I was like..."Uhhhhhhhhhh... Alright... What to do... What to do?!?!" -- 


I decided to use mix the V8 Juice with some Cornstarch and thicken it up a bit... So, I did that first.  I poured all three cans into a pot and let it get warm.  I then mixed 3 tablespoons of Cornstarch in there really well and took it off the heat. 

I then simmered 4 cups of ground beef and 1 whole smoked sausage (that I pulled apart and crumbled) together until brown.  I seasoned with:

1 tablespoon Basil
1 tablespoon Italian Seasoning
1 tablespoon Black Pepper
1 tablespoon Sea Salt
1 tablespoon Creole Seasoning

Once the meat was done, I mixed it into the sauce and put it to the side. 

I took about 1/2 the jar of olives and sliced them up.  I put them to the side. 

I boiled the Lasagna noodles in a big pot of water (with a little Olive Oil) until they were semi-soft.  Not too soft though, since it was going to go into the oven.

Now, on to stacking!!

I spooned some of the meat sauce into the pan first.  I then used about 1 cup of Ricotta Cheese and crumbled it on top of the sauce.  I took about 1 cup of the cheese and put that on top of the Ricotta Cheese. I sprinkled some of the olives on top of that.  I then put THREE Lasagna noodles on top of that and repeated the process one more time.  On top of the stack, I just put the rest of the meat sauce, some cheese and the rest of the olives.

I stuck it in the oven for about 30 minutes and VIOLA:


As a side, CC made some of her famous flat bread.  The recipe is:

2 cups of flour
3/4 cup of water
2 shakes of basil
2 shakes of pepper
3 VERY GENTLE shakes of Sea Salt
3 shakes of italian seasoning

Mix it all together. Take a rolling pin and roll it all out.  You then cut it into whatever shape you want.  You then put some cooking spray into a non-stick pan, heat it up, and cook the bread on there.  You cook it on 1-2 minutes on each side.  Cook until slightly brown.

I then made a quick garlic butter:

- 3 tablespoons of Country Crock Spread
- 1 tablespoon of basil
- 2 tablespoons of Granulated Garlic

Mix and done!

You can put as MUCH butter on the flatbread as you'd like!!

It tastes fantastic!!! :)

Comments: Leave them here! :)

Keep Watching,



Michelle G said...

So glad I ate Italian tonight otherwise I would be mad. Looks delish.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Michelle G * HAHAHA!! Thanks... It was fantastic,and VERY light, actually. Wasn't heavy on our tummies!! That's V8 for you~!

allthingscuteandgirly said...

MMmm..just got hungry. this looks great.

She_Rise said...

This looks soo good!

Corky Kouture™ Glamour Gift Bags said...

I am so going to try that flat bread.. I have to go back and look if you cooked it in the oven or stove top.. Thanks! :-)

Corky Kouture™ Glamour Gift Bags said...

Went and looked.. lol! It is kind of like tortillas then.. Yep.. on my to do list!

Elizabeth@Different Kinds of Curls said...

I love the way you used whatever you had on hand and were actually able to make a lasagna out of it, kudos to you! The Italian side of me would have never allowed me to use v8 juice in place pf a homemade sauce, but you are tempting me to try it, Char! :)

Charlotte's Avenue said...

allthingscuteandgirly * It really was good, mami! Thank you!! SO GOOD!!


Charlotte's Avenue said...

She_Rise * It was, girl!!


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Corky Kouture * YES MA'AM!! Just like a tortilla!! JUST LIKE ONE! :) Let me know how it turns out!


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Elizabeth * HAHAHA!!Thank you!! Yeah... I made it work though!! You should try it! :)


Nikki's HairThoughts said...

Yummy! I'm going to have to try that flat bread recipe, it looks really good!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Nikki's HairThoughts * Thank you!! Please try it... It's really good and SOOOOOOOOO simple to make! :)


Goldilocks*n*Me said...

V8... who'd a thunk it! Mmm-mmm-mmm, I was gonna crock pot some din-din tonight, but we might need to go Italian!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Goldilocks*n*Me * Well, alright!!! :) And yes ma'am... That V8 did awesome on this meal, girl! :)


KGilbert said...

That looks super delicious!!!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

KGilbert * It really was deliciously delightful too! :)