Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Flair... ON THE AVENUE!!!

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Hey all,

So, it's FRIDAY... and that means FLAIR TIME!!! :)

Today it's "WEAR WHAT'S CLEAN & WHAT FITS DAY!" -- HAHA!! Yeah... I found what was clean and put it on Choca!!! We're having a vintage haul today to replace what is no longer *ahem* fitting on her... :) As always, she rocks it out and puts her own spin on it!! :)

The start of it all:

We then tried the Spongebob Squarepants hat:

That didn't work for her!! Soooooooo... I put some cute bronze colored hair clips in her hair and VIOLA:

She wanted her "Elton John" shades on:

We then put her jacket on:

And then, we were on our way:

And we're off!!!

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Did you all enjoy this post??? Would you like to be featured on FRIDAY FLAIR?!?!?! Send me an email @ with a picture or 10 and a description of yourself and/or your little one! :)

Keep Watching, 



Michelle G said...

Choca is sooo very pretty and she looks sweet enough to eat. Seeing here brings a smile to my face every time.

Goldilocks*n*Me said...

WHY?!! Just why is she soooo dang cute to me!! I loooove this look :) And the little clippie ponytails, yes please!!

JenJen said...

The boots are super cute!

Nikki's HairThoughts said...

OMGeeee! This baby is killing me with all her adorableness...::sigh:: Love her style!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Michelle G * Awww!! Thank you, Sis!! She's truly a doll and a loving little lady!! <3


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Goldilocks*n*Me * Hehehe!! Thank you!! She's a beauty to me as well!!! She's something else, girl! <3


Charlotte's Avenue said...

JenJen * Thanks!! :)


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Nikki's HairThoughts * Thanks, NikNak!!! HAHA!! <3


Precious @ said...

Choca's got swaaaaaaag!! I love it!!!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Precious * HAHAHAHA!! Thanks, sis! :)


Coilybella said...

she is killing me with her cute!!!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Coilybella * Thank you!! Yeah... She poses up like no other!! She surprises me with them as well! :)


Eve said...

Choca is so cute , I love her smile !!!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Eve * Awww!! Thank you, Queen!! <3


Shay said...

can we say model status anyone?! i love her poses and i equally love that shirt and her elton john shades!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Shay * Thanks, Shay!! :) She's on model mode in these pics!!! :)


thetiffany said...

you've got quite the little model! She's beautiful,love the hair and the clothes. thanks for your kind words on my post about my sons hair and for following my blog. I am following you as well. Love the variety of your blog. Take care:)

Charlotte's Avenue said...

thetiffany * Awwwwww!! Thank you so much!! That's so sweet of you to say!!

Yes, your son is gorgeous and his hair is lovely!! Thank you for following me back!!

I hope I keep you intrigued!!