Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Choca's Twists & Length Check!!

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Hey all,

So, it was FAR time for me to re-do Choca's twists.  She's been wearing the SAME twists since October 10th, so it was about that time!!

Three Week Old Twists!! :) HAHA! 
With her twists these past three weeks, I continued to keep it moisturized each morning (with water, and leave in conditioner) and greased every few days to seal in that moisture, while also letting her hair breathe.  They kept really nicely! Taking them out today was actually NOT a task, and her hair was not too tangled or hard to get through. I have been TRYING to find a way to keep her hair as detangled as possible, while keeping her style as long as possible, and I've found it!! :)

Alright.. So, I retwisted her up today.

Products Used:

African Pride Magical Gro

I basically did the SAME style she had before again.  I love it, it works and it lasts!! WIN/WIN!!

She wasn't the HAPPIEST HAIR GETTING DONER, but, you know... 




All done!!! Yep... She has the bangs again! :) 

Her, "I'm not happy, but Imma smile anyway!" smile... HAHA!! :-/ 

Yep... Going for THREE MORE WEEKS with this style!! :)


Length Check Time! So, I was checking out Tracey's blog over at BabyBellaHair (please check it out!! She has the cutest little Natural Queens to be, and she's a beautiful Natural Queen herself. She gives them the cutest hairstyles and her hands are AMAZING with accessories), and I saw two blogs of hers (Length Check I & Length Check II) where she speaks about a length checking technique that was given to her by Tiffany over at Diva Locks (Another Natural Queen with amazing hands.  She makes the cutest things and does her little Queen to be's hair in the cutest styles.  Check her out!).

You ready for it??!?!? Do a length check with a tape measure/ruler!! HA... Who'd of thunk it!?!??! -- So, I got to measuring!!

First, I did it with her hair IN twists:

Back: 5"
Right: 6"
Left: 6 1/2"
Front: 7"
Middle: 7"

Then, I did it with her hair free:

Back: 5 1/2"
Right: 6 1/8"
Left: 7"
Front: 7 1/4"
Middle: 7 1/4"

What a difference, huh?? I'll be giving her this length check every month to see the progress (however big or small). It'll also show us what different hair products do with her hair!!! I'm so excited and so thankful to the two T's above me for this newfound love of mine!! HAHAHA!! :) I'll even be doing this on myself every 3-4 months or so!! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post!! I know I enjoyed doing it for you!!!

A special welcome to ALL my new followers!!! I hope that my blog keeps you wanting more!! :) That's my goal!!

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Keep Watching,



Nikki's HairThoughts said...

Look at that precious baby with her fresh twists! What a sweet face!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Nikki's HairThoughts * HAHA!! Sweet face... Not today!! LOLOL!! She's a Sour Patch Kid today!!! :-/

Thanks, doll!


JenJen said...

Very cute! My baby won't let me comb his hair. Blessings!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

JenJen * Thank you!!! :) Awwwwwww @ your son!! How old is he???


Precious @ Precious-Curls.com said...

I love her twists! Too bad she wasn't down for it though!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Precious * HAHA!! Thank you!! She LOVED them AFTER I was done!!

Choca: Mommy? Mirror?
Me: OOOH, you want the mirror now??
Choca: Yes. See hair Mommy!
Me: Sure, go to the mirror then, brat!
Choca: Okay! (Goes to the mirror) Oooh... Hair so pretty Mommy! Thank you!
Me: ..... You're welcome, baby! :)



BlackSistah said...

Your daughter is so precious. God Bless you in your blogging efforts I enjoyed it

Charlotte's Avenue said...

BlackSistah * Thank you so much!!! I appreciate the love! God Bless you as well in all of yours!! Going to follow your blogs now! :)


Tracey-BBH said...

Ow Ow I'm so jelly that you can't get twist to last that long! Can't wait to see her growth next month!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Tracey BBH * Thank you!! Yeah... That du-rag comes in extra handy!!! :) I can't wait to see it either... I'm excited to see how quickly it grows! :) Looking forward to seeing your babies hair growth as well! :)


Diva Locks said...

Thanks for the shout out! Her twists look great :)

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Diva Locks * Thanks for the idea!!

Yaaaaay twists!!


Coilybella said...

choca's twists always look great

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Coilybella * Thank you! :)


amandak23k said...

She's soo darn cute!!!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

amanda23k * Thank you, Amanda!! <3