Monday, November 28, 2011

Choca's Twists... AND... Hair Accessories!!?!? Yes Please!!!

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Hey all,

So.... A lot of you know that I <3 making hair accessories and my online shop is going to be opening very soon. Today, I would like to show you two of my specialties!!

First, I did Choca's twists over again yesterday.  They were a bit frizzy, and trying to love on each other (my phrase for loc up)... LOL!!

They were trying to LOVE ALL OVER EACH OTHER!! LOL!! -- So, since I don't comb her hair, I wanted to see if I could find a hair product that would make it easier for me to finger detangle.  I went to Sally's and purchased African Pride Dream Kids Olive Miracle Detangling Moisturizng Conditioner (2-in-1 Leave-In & Rinse-Out Formula). 

*DEEP BREATH... That's a LOT to say, right?!?!?*

Anyway, I used Proclaim Tea Tree Leave-In Conditioner, Proclaim Emerald Bergamot Hair & Scalp Conditioner and the Dream Kids to take her twists down and put them right back up!! Let me tell you all something... The Dream Kids help to detangle Choca's hair like no other.  

I put on the Tea Tree Leave In first, let it sit for about 30 seconds, I then put on the Dream kids (VERY LITTLE), finger rubbed it in, and her hair was detangled IMMEDIATELY!! Her hair was soft and VERY easy to manipulate! I LOVE IT!!!! Now, if you aren't a fan of MAJOR shrinkage, you probably wouldn't like this product, because it TOTALLY puts the shrinkage factor HIGH... But, I love that about the product!


Now, these twists are VERY soft... They usually have a bit more sturdiness to them w/the grease/water only mixture... But, I can tell her hair loves this application as well.  I will see how long I'm able to keep these in w/out them becoming too fuzzy... I'll keep you posted! :) 

Now, on to the hair accessories!!!!! 

They have a bohemian feel... and I love them!!!

How do they look in the hair?!?! Well, let's let Model Choca show you!!!

Bohemian: Silver Flowers

Bohemian: Copper Flowers

As you can see, Choca is a fan, as am I!! I hope you love them too!!! :) Please look out for my online store that will be opening at the beginning of the year!! I'm excited!!

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Keep Watching, 



Tracey-BBH said...

A Choca is so pretty!!!! And I love her hair....those accessories are on POINT!!! Love em

Shay said...

i love her twist so much!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Tracey * Thank you so much... and an extra thank you on the compliments of the accessories!! :) <3


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Shay * Thank you!! <3


Nikki's HairThoughts said...

Love Choca and I love those hair accessories! I'mma send Baby O your way so you can twist up her hair...then I'll let them love all over each other and loc on up :-)

Dominique-Alexis said...

Aw those flowers are absolutely beautiful!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Nikki's HairThoughts * Thank you so much!! :) Send her over!! I'd love to twist her all up and have her model some of my repurposed clothing and hair accessories!!!:) <3 And, she'd look amazing with locs!! <3


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Dominique-Alexis * Thank you so much!! <3


Precious @ said...

She looks oh so cute! Love those pretty flowers!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Precious * Thank you so much!


KGilbert said...

Beautiful!!! They look great!!!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

KGilbert * Thank you so much!!! I love them as well!! So excited!! :)


Goldilocks*n*Me said...

Love love love! Choca makes everything look good, this baby is advertising gold! I want to buy everything she wears!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Goldilocks*n*Me * Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!! :) <3 I'm excited to get all the products out there, with Choca as one of the models!! <3


UntrainedHairMom said...

I love her signature twists and those accessories are beautiful!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

UntrainedHairMom * Thank you so much!! <3


Corky Kouture™ said...

Awesome Charlotte!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Corky Kouture * Why THANK YOU, ma'am!! :)


Coilybella said...

Those accessories are so cute!!! My favorite is the white one. And Miss choca knows how to model those things really good. What lovely twists!!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Coilybella * Thank you so much!! :) The white one is lovely!!! I love that they are different, you know?!?! That's what makes me smile. Thank you on the twists as well! I appreciate that! :)

RBrown007 said...

I love the flower/cowry shell clips! I'm so excited for your online store to open!

And that pic of Choca with the white flower clip, with her hands to her cheeks = too cute!!! :)

Charlotte's Avenue said...

RBrown007 * Thank you!! I'm excited as well!! It's all coming together, THANK GOD!!!

And yes... hahaha... She's a camera gal!! :) She knows how to put it on!! :)

Char~ said...

She's soooooooo cute and innocent looking :-) Is it true?

Charlotte's Avenue said... * Thank you!! Usually looks are deceiving, but she's a sweetie pie!! :)

Char~ said...

She is adorable Char!!!

Charlotte's Avenue said... * Thank you, mami!! :) <3