Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homeschooling/Unschooling: Field Trip -- Library (Part 1)

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Hey all!!

So, yesterday we had a day full of field trips!! Field trips are a MUST when homeschooling your children.  You want them to get out and about and see the world... Also, it helps them to integrate into society as well!

The first trip was to our local library!!! Now, I was unsure if I could use the camera in the library, so the pictures are limited (BOOOOO), but I did manage to get a few in!! :)

So, we started with a leisure walk through the library and we came up on the aquarium that they have in there (No pictures, however) -- How BEAUTIFUL it was!! My goodness.  When we got to the aquarium, we talked about the colors of the fish, the sand, and the aquarium ornaments.  We then talked about all the colors that were on the floor in there (they had lights in the floor with different colors in them... red, green, yellow and blue) She did VERY well in that area!! :) She truly enjoyed the aquarium and all the the amazing fish they had in there (SO DID I!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK AND SEE IT AGAIN!)

We then went to the children's section and took a bit of a break.

She then saw some stuffed animals on the floor.  She said, "Oh my gosh... A bear and a lion!!!" so I decided to have a mini photo session with her and them! :)

We then saw some books that were back there and she wanted to go through them.  One of them was a shape book and she knew ALL of the shapes! Even the HEXAGON AND THE OCTAGON!!! #PROUDMOMMYOMMENT!!!  Got a few pictures in of her and these lovely books!!!

Then, it was STORY TIME!! They have the CUTEST seating areas in the children's section of the library.  We came up on this bench and table and she says, "Ooh... look at the big books!!" -- I was confused at first, because I didn't see it, then I took a picture of her 'on them'... I then understood:

See it?? It's two books!! :) She taught me something today!! <3
I then found a book to read called "Sky Sash So Blue", and we got to reading:

Ummm... Someone is bored... 

LMBO!!!! *sigh* My baby!!

As you can see in the pictures, towards the end, in perfect Choca fashion, she wasn't feeling the book (I wasn't either, actually), so we nixed that and went out to the children's garden:

Choca was TERRIFIED of this toad... Although, she KNEW it was a frog, which made me happy!

This picture was supposed to be of her and the toad... but, she looked at it for afar instead!! :) 

And, here is a gnome getting drunk off of a rose!! HAHA!! Choca kept saying, "DRINK THAT ROSE, GNOMEO!!" HAHA!

Now, it wasn't a huge garden with lots of flowers and stuff (which I'm happy about, because that would me A LOT of bees, and I'm not having that... EEEEEEK!!!), but it was nice and gave us the Vitamin D we needed. It was truly beautiful!

That concluded the visit to the Library.  She then ate her snack in the car:

"Mmmmmm..." That's what she was saying!

She loves french fries!!
From here, we went to the park for more Homeschooling/Unschooling fun... Our AWESOME Park Field Trip!!!

It was a great day!!!

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Nikki's HairThoughts said...

What a great field trip! My kids love going to the library and so do I because it's only a block away and FREE! I love the pictures of you reading to her, too precious

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Nikki's HairThoughts * Thank you!! YES... FREE and lovely!! It's a great place to be!! They have wonderful puppet shows for the children as well, and we will be taking part in those!! I'm in love with it!! And thanks... I was trying to keep her intrigued, but the book was pretty boring! :)


ggmix said...

Wow... You are soooo on the same wave length as I am when it comes to the home schooling I love it. Ive taken pictures in the library I didnt know u were not suppose to ooppps (",) When I saw your pictures of you reading to your daughter I thought wow her daughter sits still and listens, mine cant get through a whole book without wanting to get up and get another book (I dont know if thats boredom or just excitment from having so many books to choose from) then I saw her bored and smiled shes so cute (",)

Michelle G said...

This looks like such a wonderful field trip. So glad Choca loves reading and hearing stories read to her. Love the pics.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

ggmix * Haha!! Yes... We definitely are!! I love the post that I saw from your blog!! I will be a FAITHFUL follower, girl!! For real!! :) And yes... she wanted to move on... All those books and that boring book we decided to read didn't help her much!! HAHA!! She was on the move! :)

Thanks for commenting!


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Michelle G * Thank you!!! It was a great trip!! :) -- And she loves it, Sis!! I'm glad too!! Glad you enjoyed it!


Precious @ Precious-Curls.com said...

Aww it looks like you guys had a great time! I used to love field trips, we don't get those in college :( lol

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Precious * HAHAH!! You can take your own field trips now, mami!! <3 :) Thank you!! We had a blast!


Wahmsbeautifuldeals said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip. My children used to love going to the library when they were little. It helps to instill the love of reading when you are surrounded by so many great books.

Love the bored pic .. LOL

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Wahmsbeautifuldeals * Thank you!! It was a really great trip! :) She enjoyed herself (for the most part... LOL) and we all had a grand old time! :)

Thanks for commenting. I hope you find my blog interesting enough to follow!! Got some good stuff on here!!