Friday, September 23, 2011

Choca's Outfit of the Day and a FLASHBACK!! :)

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Hey all,

So, I decided to do a cute little Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) with Choca on this post.  Why?? Well, it's simple.  She picked out her clothes today and gave me the camera!! HAHA...

So, the outfit she picked out is a Vintage Dress we got over a year ago. Unsure how much I spent (It's been so long), but I know it was under $3.00! -- When we got it back in the day, we had a mini photo shoot (of course, right?!?!? It's what we do).

She was a little over a year old:

ChocaChip!! HAHA!! Awwww!! My little Nubian Hiawatha! 

Sassy Sassy!!
Today, Choca picked out this dress (which is NOW a shirt...), and she picked out some brown and white polka dot tights (given to her by her Auntie)... We then put the SAME flower in her hair that's in the above pictures... AND BAM!!! Instant success!!

The Photo Shoot/Outfit Of The Day:

Isn't that 'fit cute??

Hand on her hip!!

Look at that baby!

HAHA!! Couture posin'!


Jumping up and down (She was listening to Never Say Never  - JB)

Her 'frog' pose!! LOL

Alright now, baby girl!

HAHA!! Miss too fly!! 

Posed up like Choca does it!! :) 

Cleaning her shades like her Mommy!! :) 

Hehe!! Isn't it cute?? I'm telling you... REPURPOSING is the business!!!

Like her hairstyle?? You can see how to do it here: Choca's Goldi-Faux Hawk!! :) -- Now, with this style, I did make the twists a bit smaller in the front, to give her more of a 'full bang' look!! I didn't care for the sparse look of the bigger twists! :)

And...Check this one out:

Choca rockin' the rhines!! :) 
Aww man... As you can see, we had a GREAT TIME with this one!!! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!!

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Keep Watching,



Elizabeth@Different Kinds of Curls said...

I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE!! that photo shoot. Look at all of that confidence. That baby KNOWS she is beautiful, and she should! Kudos to mom and dad for making choca so confident and sure of herself. Really, she is a stunning mini person. :)

Baby Big Hair said...

Oh Choca!! Sweetie moos moos you!!! Imma Too funny bringing you the camera like 'let's do'dis", lol!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Elizabeth * Thank you so much!! She definitely knows... We make sure all three of them know how gorgeous God made them and for them to hold on to that! :) Thank you so much! I appreciate your compliments!! <3


Charlotte's Avenue said...

Baby Big Hair * Hehe, okay!?!?! She's a mess! She loves to take some pictures, girl!! :) <3

Thank you for commenting, Sis!


Precious @ said...

Aww Choca baby cute as ever! Lmao at "the dress that is now a shirt ... " When my baby cousin was around 5 months old she was wearing 1 year old clothing! Whewww!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Precious * Awww, thank you!! And LMBOOOOOO!! Yes ma'am... We are going to use all those little clothes until we can't anymore!! WOW @ your baby cousin!!! Choca is in a 4t now... And she's only a NEW TWO!! :-/ Babies these days are growing really fast! :) All those hormones and stuff in the food of today! :)


Nikki's HairThoughts said...

::BIG SIGH:: I'm coming...pocket open, tell her to get ready! We're gonna grab some of those hair accessories,

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Nikki's HairThoughts * Hahahah!! Awwwwwwwwww!!! :) Hair accessories are fun to play with!! I love the kufi hats, the knits beanies and such!! They truly add a bit of POW to every outfit! :) <3


Natmane said...

Choca is my new hair inspiration!! Love her hair styles (thanks to Mom :)). She is photogenic...see how happy she is. It must not be easy getting her hair done. I remember plaiting my sisters hair when she was a baby. I had to bribe, beg,play pretend and feign tears.
You've got a beautiful child please share all your hair secrets with her as she gets older.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Natmane * Awwwwwww!! Thank you, mami!! :) She is definitely a photogenic child! :) -- and she's a happy little Queen to be as well, yes!! :) -- It's not easy doing her hair, but she's getting better at just sitting there and accepting that it has to get done!! :)

Thank you so much for your compliments and your comment!! :) I will definitely share EVERYTHING I know with her!!