Monday, August 15, 2011

Lovin' On My Family...

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Hey all,

As I sit here this evening... I am TRULY thankful for the family that GOD blessed me with... My amazing HUSBAND... A BEAUTIFUL BLACK KING whom I adore and even after all these years... We are HAPPY... genuinely happy... Not tolerating each other... Not putting on facades for others... TRULY HAPPY... Why?? Because GOD put us together... GOD gave us each other... That gives us joy KNOWING that HE felt us perfect for one another!! Our beautiful babies who light up our lives daily... Even in their good and bad moments... They are amazing... We have some AMAZING God Babies that are truly a joy as well!! <3

You know.. We always (at times) take for granted what we are blessed with daily... From waking up in the morning, to staying out of harm's way throughout the day...Life is NEVER going to be perfect and you'll always have good days and bad days... But, you're able to go through those days, folks...  We are truly a blessed people, whether we accept that or not!! I know I am blessed and highly favored and I'm TRULY thankful for it!!

This blog is just to remind you that GOD smiles on you daily and He's so good!!! He blesses you daily and His mercies are forever enduring! :)

It's the little things sometimes, you know?? EVERY Sunday, before and after church, we make it a point to take pictures together!!! :) It's fun and it's a family 'thang' that we do!! :) As a photographer and picture person... I love it... AND, I love how my family accepts that about me and goes for it!! HAHA! :)

And now, my lovely family!! In all their glory! <3

MY KING AND I!! He truly balances me out... He keeps me sane, a LOT of the times!! HAHA
Truly thankful to GOD for my husband!! <3

Butterscotch Beauty and I 7.31.11 -- My little MEANIE ME... HAHA... She's a little firecracker...But, she's all mine!!
I'm Thankful to GOD for my MEANIE PIE! :) <3

Caramel Cutie and I 7.31.11 -- My MINI ME... My face, my sarcasm... HAHA... I <3 it... She's a spitfire too though..
Thanking GOD for my CC!

My lovely little ladies!! <3 8.14.11 -- Three of the BEST little God fearing ladies you'll ever see...

My Choca & 1 8.14.11 -- My "Old Soul" baby... She's a sweetheart and very kind... She has her "OH NO YOU DIDN'T"
moments, but that's to be expected!! Thanking GOD for this little lovely!

My love and I 8.14.11 <3 -- US!!
Folks, love on your families.  Enjoy every bit of them!!! They are yours, afterall!! Have fun together... Laugh together, cry together, STAND TALL TOGETHER!!! It's a must!!!

I hope this blog encouraged you all to just enjoy life and all that it entails!!

Keep Watching,



Diva Locks said...

Great post and pics :)

Charlotte said...

Diva Locks * Thank you!!! I love my group of lovelies!! :) <3


Tracey-BBH said...

Char you have a BEAUTIFUL family!!! I totally love you to pieces your happiness just so contagious!

Charlotte said...

Tracey-BBH * Thank you, Sister!! I <3 you too, mami!! We are all Children of the King...ROYALTY!!! :) Nothing better!! <3


Kandy said...

Bbeautiful family! God bless you all!

Charlotte said...

Kandy * Thank you Sister!!! God bless you and your beautiful family as well!! <3


Once Upon a Curl said...

beautifull, family and i love all of the girls names

Charlotte said...

Once Upon A Curl * Thank you!! I <3 my family girl!! <3


amandak23k said...

Beautiful family.

Charlotte's Avenue said...

amandak23k * THANK you, Beautiful!