Friday, August 5, 2011

Choca's THREE week old twists (YES THREE), and her Vintage outfit of the day!

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Hey all,

So, Choca is on her THIRD WEEK of these lovely double strand mini twists!! -- How are they holding up, you ask?? Very well.  I don't think I'll go another week (just because of the way my hair does in the fourth week), but she's loving them and I am loving NOT doing them!! :)

Keep up:

Spraying a bit of water on them each day...
Spraying a bit of tea tree leave in conditioner on them every OTHER day...
Running my fingers through them to spruce them up...
VOILA... All day goodness! :)


Picture taken 8.3.11

Picture taken 8.5.11
Alright... Onto the next order of business! :) VINTAGE OUTFIT TIME!!!! So, this outfit is something I pulled out of her "younger days" (for the most part), but I jazzed it up with some new finds!!! Ready??? Here we go!

The jean jacket is a vintage find from last year... Only $2.99.  The shirt was a GIFT she got BEFORE she was born. It's for an 18 month old, but it fits her GREAT as a shirt... (Always re-use and re-purpose if you can... No sense in spending money if you don't have to!) FREE!! -- The shorts are a vintage find that I got for $.99!! Yep... The leg warmers are a part of her collection of many!! I finished it off w/some blue socks and her lovely shoes (Shout out to Payless) -- AND, her Kufi cap was something I got from my local beauty supply a year or so ago for $1.99... And the flower?? One of my creations, of course!!!

Pictures of this vision of loveliness:

So, as you can see... She's rockin' it y'all!! She loves to pick out her outfits... She loves it even more when she goes in her leg warmer drawer and pics out some goodies (I must admit... I love that part as well)... She's a little fashionista on a budget... but she rocks it QUITE WELL, folks!! I'm a proud mommy right now! :)

I hope you enjoyed this blog... Questions?? Please send me an email at  Comments??? Leave them, PLEASE!! And, spread the word about my blog... I'd truly appreciate it!!

Thanks for checking me out, folks!!

Keep Watching,



UntrainedHairMom said...

I love her hair..she is adorable!

Charlotte said...

UntrainedHairMom * Thank you so much!! :) She's a sweetie pie honey bunch! :~D

Thanks for commenting,


Nikki said...

Ugh,are you serious with all that adorableness? I'mma let her come pick out my outfits

Charlotte said...

Nikki * HA... Okay?!?! Sometimes it's hard to deal with!! HAHAH!!! She's such a cutie!! I want her to pick out my outfits too! :)

Thanks, doll!!


A Mothers Love said...

She is the cutest. I love the hat

Charlotte said...

A Mothers Love * Hehe!! Thank you, doll!! She loves the camera! :O)

Have a blesssed one,


Precious said...

She is too tooo cute!!!!

Charlotte said...

Precious * Thank you, doll!!! :)