Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seek & Hide...

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Hey all!

You know, life will come at you like a barrelling train down an invisible track!  At times, we are ready for what it has in store, and at other times, we are caught off guard and confused as to WHY we are dealing with such strife and constant destruction and possible demise!  We are looking for answers and QUESTIONING any and EVERY thing in our lives.  We begin looking back over our pasts for something that may have triggered this mess that we have found ourselves in.  We go back as far as our childhood and see if we can 'remember' if we put our parents through some type of whirwind of foolery, and in turn we're in the process of REAPING what we have SOWED... --

Sometimes, we need to simply play a game of SEEK & HIDE:


Many times, GOD is simply letting us know that we MUST go back to our childhood ways and SEEK out our FATHER and find comfort in HIS protection and words.  There is no other way to get that armor of HIS that we need in life.  His ways are unflawed and unmatched.  Hiding in Him will prevent you from making further mistakes by trying to go by your OWN ways and 'rectify the situation'.  Let HIM lead, guide and direct your steps, tongue and attitude.

So often, we look to ourselves to fix problems and clean up messes that we made or that our families have made.  That is the incorrect answer.  For those of us that are parents, we always want our children to come to us when they have issues so that we can help them get through their situation AND so that we can shield them from further hurt, harm and/or danger.  GOD is the SAME way.  He wants us to SEEK Him out and HIDE in Him, so that He can do the same for us.

When we become adults, we tend to go on our own paths, forgetting what we were 'trained up' to do. 
(Train a child in the way they should go... They WILL depart from it, however when in a rut, PRAY that they go back to what they've been trained to do...That's my motto)
We need to ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS stay a CHILD in GOD!! He is our Father, AND a VERY GOOD one at that! :) -- As children, we LOVED to play games and just enjoy life... As adults, we need to LOVE to play THAT GAME and ENJOY HIM!!

Blessings to you all!

Keep Watching,


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