Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick Reviews on some products that I've used!

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Hey all!

So, today I posted this picture of my 8 month hair growth on FB in my Hair Chronicles Folder 
(I was re-doing my twists):

Along with pictures of my hair, there is also these pictures of products that I've used in the past and was to do a review on:

SOOOOOOOOOOO... Here are my reviews... Now, keep in mind that not EVERYTHING is going to work for everyone.  This is what I've tried and these were MY experiences.  I've had so many innocent bystanders as well as what I like to call "NATURAL HAIR NAZIS" tell ME what I should and should NOT do with my hair... As you can see, whatever I'm doing is working because my hair is striving, surviving and THRIVING!! :) -- I'm not here to tell you what you should and should NOT do with your hair, I'm simply telling you what has and has NOT worked for me. :)

Review Time:

Murray's Pomade -- Works in moderation. Depending on the style, it will help keep my edges in place. I rarely use it though.

Cantu Shea Butter products -- They worked for me at one time. I've since outgrown them and went to other things... However, they helped my hair become more manageable. This made my hair VERY soft...

Pink Oil Moisturizer -- Uhhhhhhh... Yeah... doesn't work for me at all.  Dries my hair out really terribly and makes it very UNMANAGEABLE!

Garnier Fructis Nutrient Spray -- That worked great for me. It helped stop my scalp from itching and kept it moisturized. Used it in MODERATION!

African Pride Olive Miracle Products -- Those were bought moreso for my youngest daughter, and her hair THRIVES on them. Her growth is astounding and her hair managability is amazing. I have used the products on myself (FIRST, of course), and they work well. 

Tea Tree Oil -- SENT FROM HEAVEN!! That stuff is amazing. My goodness!! ONE OF THE BEST THINGS SINCE SLICED BREAD!! Works wonderful!
Cholesterol Conditioner -- Straight from my childhood. It works like a charm!! I use it ONCE a month in to deep condition my hair.

Please note: -- If this is NOT what you would use on your hair because of silicone, sulfates or mineral oil that may or may NOT be in these products, DO NOT USE THEM!! Everyone's hair is different and thrives and survives on different things.  Know that WATER is awesome... (I use Sparkletts on my hair) and my TresCorn mix is beautiful (STILL!!!)

*I was NOT paid by the makers of these products to review their products.  I bought them with my own money and used them at my own risk.

Keep watching,



Angela C. said...

Hey Charlotte! I found the African Pride Olive Miracle Oil at Dollar General for $1.99. I absolutely Love it! I don't add it to my products I sell, but I do put it in the cream that I make for myself. I smells clean and fresh and my hair loves it!

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Angela C * Whew, Lawd!! I wish we had a Dollar General out here!! That price is fantastic!!! Mmm... So glad you like it, Queen! :)