Friday, January 7, 2011

Flat Ironing Natural Hair (My Way)

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Hey all! I'm back and ready to get back to blogging.  Life sometimes comes at you like a Mack Truck and things need to be put on hold... Sadly, my blog has suffered because of it... BUT, I'm back and praying to be more routine with my postings! :)

Now, Flat Ironing Natural Hair (My Way)

I decided to flat iron my hair a while back.  A lot of naturalistas believe that flat ironing natural hair is damaging to your hair.  If you protect your tresses before and after the flat ironing, you WILL be fine!

When flat ironing my hair, I take what I consider to be the 'necessary' precautions in order to protect my tresses... AND... I only flat iron my hair once a year (as a length check!!)

I started by deep conditioning my hair with Pantene Medium-Thick Hair Solutions -- Treatment: Intensive Restoration Treatment.  Although the container says to keep it on your hair for FIVE minutes, I kept it on mine for 35 minutes. I also put it in a deep condtioning cap and let it really sweat under there!

Deep Conditioning "shower cap" -- Sold @ my local beauty supply.
 I then got into the shower, and washed out the Pantene and co-washed my hair with Tresemme.  I made sure to keep the Tresemme on my hair for about FIVE minutes while in the shower to finger comb though my hair, in order to get out all of the tangles. I then rinsed that out and lightly squeezed my hair with the towel... I didn't rub it hard with the towel...Just a NICE, LIGHT squeeze to get any excess water out.

Once my 'hair squeeze' was complete, I put a light amount of Tresemme, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Oil Sheen (Afro Sheen) on my hair.  This was done so that my hair would be coated before I put the blow dryer to it! -- NOW COMES THE BLOW DRYING!! --

I blew my hair ALMOST completely dry with the blow dryer.  I kept it a little damp, since the flat iron would be drying it as well.  That's a LOT of heat for one 'hair transaction' as I like to call it... So, I make provisions where needed, for my hair.

The front has been blown 'almost' dry, the back is waiting patiently.
 Now, it's time for the flat iron job.  I parted my hair from the back first, in order to straighten it back there first, and then I moved up. I made sure to go over it with the flat iron twice on each section, and then move on.

The Flat Ironing Process!! Yep, it's hard work!! :)
Finally complete! Here is the finished product:

Front View

Right Side View

Left Side View
Back View
This entire process took about (5) hours from beginning to end.  My hair was so shiny and soft and flowing. The shine you see in pictures is the shine you would see in person.  Truly gorgeous.  No breakage, no weakening of my hair follicle.  Just beautiful, strong, flat ironed hair! The look lasted for about (3) weeks.
All made up and ready to go! :)
To maintain this style, I took a VERY soft bristle brush (baby soft), brushed my hair over to the side and around itself (the way I wanted it to fall and swing), and wrapped it up with my satin scarf.  I then put a pillow case around it... Yes, I know it may look silly, but I'm okay with it, and my husband doesn't mind!! :) -- So, it all works out!!

I hope my explanation was a good one, folks!! If you have any questions, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask!! Blessings, folks!

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brendakisses said...

hey Charlotte!! love the flat ironing gona try your way later today.. ur hair is beautiful!!! thank u!!! havent done the wave kit on Xzavier hair yet.. but i will keep u posted...

Charlotte said...

Brenda * Hey!! :) Thank you so very much for the compliment!! It's appreciated! -- PLEASE keep me posted on Xzavier's hair AND let me know how yours turns out!! :)

Kinks et cetera. said...

Your hair looks GREAT!!! ;-))

Charlotte said...

Sandra * Thank you love!!! I appreciate it!

Tchaki said...

Hi, I did almost the same thing but i've problem gettin' my nappy hair. It's been a month now, i washed them a week after but they stay flat. How did u manage to get your nappy hair back ????

Charlotte's Avenue said...

Tchaki * Hello!! :) Thanks for commenting! I sprayed my trescorn mix in my hair and really massaged it through. I then twisted my hair up and let it marinate in there for a couple of days... It snapped right back. NO issues with getting my kinks back! :)How much heat did you have on yours, and did you use a heat protectant?