Thursday, January 27, 2011

Avowals, Assertions and Affirmations... OH MY!

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Hey all!

You know with the new year among us, and SO MANY PEOPLE on a "resolution" kick, I figured I'd do a blog about something that is near and dear to my heart and a MUST in my family.  Having three daughters, I wanted to make sure that they KNEW they were beautifully and wonderfully made, and that they were smart and capable of doing anything and everything they put their minds to... The sky is the limit!!

Now, we have bible study here at home (although I wish we would do it more... I avowal, assert and affirm that to be so!!), as well as going to bible study at church and really making sure they have a TRUE understanding of the Lord, the Lord's word, and what the Lord has in store for them. -- However, I wanted to do something that would push their limits just a bit.  I wanted to put something in place that would be at their hand, and something that they'd have to use their free will to do.  So, I decided to start the AAA process. 

  • Openly admit your want/need
  • Confidently assure your success
  • Commit to your goal
Now, I make it a point to have them WRITE IT DOWN, and POST IT UP!! They can post it ANYWHERE they see fit (preferably a place that they frequent so they can see their committment and STICK TO IT!).  What does this do, you ask?  Well, it keeps YOU accountable to YOU.  It's normal to seek encouragement from others. It's normal to look at someone else and the success they have, and WISH that was you.  However, to LOOK TO YOURSELF for the encouragement and accountability to succeed is something many people don't do.

How awesome is it to be accountable to self?? How amazing is it to know that if you don't stick to your goal, you are failing yourself? Who wants to fail themselves? Who wants to feel unworthy to self? We all know that in order to succeed in ever part of life, we MUST love ourselves immensely... Not partly, not sometimes... ALL THE TIME and GREATLY!! Without love for ourselves, how can we EXPECT others to give us the respect we deserve in this life?

The children are skeptical, but I am having them stick with it!! Every Wednesday, we will get together and have a meeting about our progress and possible failures in this AAA process... However, I know it will work. It will work in every facet of their lives. Their grades will be  better, their attitudes will be better (at times), and they will carry themselves with a better sense of respect and accomplishement! --  I'm not only the AAA President, I'm also a client!! There is so many things I want from business to personal, and I AAA it to be so.  I journal it up, put it up on my dry erase board, put it under my pillow (YES, MY PILLOW), I even make VIDEOS to myself with my AAA's on it!!

Accountability to self.  Such an important part of our existence!!

I suggest you all start the AAA process, if you haven't already! Make an oath to self and follow through on it! With you being CONFIDENT about your outcome in your AAA's, you will push yourself to the limit to succeed at your goal, and with your succession comes a better respect for self.

Me with my babies!!! <3
I'll keep you all posted on the success of it!!


Keep watching,


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