Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Hey all! I wanted to do a blog because I have a lot of information to share, and hopefully it is information that could help others. Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Charlotte and I'm a wife, a mother and a designer.  -- I enjoy making clothes as well as jewelry, candles, designing different hairstyles, along with hairstyle 'products' that can help black women in their natural hair journey.  I've had hits AND misses, but it's all been fun for me, and I'll be sharing what HAS worked and also what didn't work for me. --

Natural hair -- Yes, it's been a journey!!

I'm also very big on being a mother.  I feel as if that is such an important title and CAREER (because once you have a child, your life is NO LONGER your own) and I will be sharing some of MY parenting tips -- not to tell you how you should raise your children, but just to let you know what works for me. :) I've had many hits and misses in that arena as well!! However, why not share it and hopefully get some feedback on other options to use.

My three gorgeous ones...

Also -- Marriage.  I'm so in love with my husband and I'll be blogging about that as well.  I can't help it!! Hoping that won't get too sappy for you all! :) -- It's Charlotte's Avenue -- All that goes on in my neck of the woods... I hope I keep you all intrigued! :)

My lovebucket and I! <3

Keep watching,



Anonymous said...

I am already so excited =)

Charlotte said...

Amanda * Thank you for following me!! I look forward to sharing and building with you!! :)

Karin said...

So, I am hopping on the train, lol. Excited to soak up the knowledge and maybe be able to share some stuff too! Very cool idea, Char!

Charlotte said...

Karin * Thanks, mami!! - I appreciate the support!! I'm hoping that you are able to share some of your knowledge with me as well. We can go on this journey together!! :)